Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Apple Valley

Automatic Gate Access Control Devices in Apple ValleyIt has become more common than ever to find homes (and businesses) with automatic gates in front of the property. This convenient property protection system is not just for the wealthy; there are a variety of gates that can meet every budget and property requirement. While safety for your home is a top priority, it is also crucial to operate automatic gate access control devices in Apple Valley in the safest manner possible.

Here are some precautions everyone should take for optimal personal and property safety with access gates:

  • Instruct all family members to remain out of the gate’s path while it is operating (opening or closing).
  • Do not operate gate controls if the gate if it is out of your view.
  • Children should not be permitted to climb the gate or “play” with the remote.
  • Gate systems are designed for vehicle traffic only. Pedestrians should use a separate entrance.
  • Keep fingers away from possible “pinch points” at gate hinges and opener.
  • Control devices, including keypads, should be installed at least 10 feet from any moving component of the gate and the user must be in sight of the gate.
  • Only move a vehicle forward if the gate is fully open.
  • For additional safety, most gate openers utilize a contact sensor. This automatically stops the gate from moving forward and causes it to back up if anyone or anything touches the gate while it is moving.

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