Automatic Gate Telephone Entry Systems Installation Service & Repair in San Bernardino

The purpose of an automatic gate detection device is to open and close the gate or keep it open with a signal when a vehicle is inside or outside the gate. You have the option for a keypad, vehicle detection loops, vehicle open loops or an automatic gate telephone entry systems installation service & repair in San Bernardino.

Vehicle open loops are most applicable to freely exit a gate (without a keypad or remote). They are placed near the gate and are triggered when vehicles pass them.

Vehicle detection loops are available in free entry/exit, hold open and reverse options. The reverse mode is used when a vehicle approaches the gate as it is closing. The gate will auto-open again for passage. These loops are installed beneath the ground’s surface, whether dirt, gravel or concrete, and are triggered when the vehicle passes them.

A remote, keypad or telephone entry system can be operated by virtually any individual at a home or business to limit or control access to the property. There are a variety of choices for residential, commercial or wireless systems. Specialists with this type of system are well-suited for managing the software for your telephone entry setup. Whether you need new programming, adding a new code or changing your current directory, telephone entry technicians can handle the situation.

A knowledgeable gate contractor at Automated Gate Services will be happy to discuss these different options with you and help you decide whether you want vehicle detection loops, vehicle open loops, a remote or keypad system or automated gate telephone entry systems installation service & repair in San Bernardino. Call us at (888) 428-3711 with questions.