Shopping for Automatic Gate Access Control Devices

When shopping for automatic gate access control devices for a home or business, there is much to consider. But one set of questions rises above the rest: who will use this entry and how will they use it?

A business that is using an entry to take deliveries throughout the day will make very different choices than a homeowner who is interested in security on the back of their property. When looking at options, consider usage first. Two gate access control devices that may be considered are:

Card Readers

There are a wide variety of card readers. When using card readers, people who require entry are given an access card, which is read by a machine to open the gate. This is a great option for an entrance used by expected and regular guests.

One variation on card readers is control devices that are keyed to transponders, such as a key fob or an access tag in a car. These can be opened by simply presenting the transponder. Many systems are designed to read these transponders at a distance, so that gates automatically open. This is a great option for commercial and residential gated entry.

A wide variety of transponders are available, including windshield-mounted car tags, tags that hang from a rear-view mirror, tags that mount on license plates and those that can be mounted anyplace on a vehicle that is convenient.

Keypad Entry

With keypad entry, the person entering the gate must first type in a code on a keypad, which then opens the gate. This may be a solid option for gates that will be used by a large number of people but still require a measure of security. A private club might be a good example. A keypad system had the added benefit of being able to change the code without re-issuing cards or tags. Additionally, codes can be issued to guests at a moments notice, allowing for unexpected or irregular guests to enter.

One option often seen with keypad entry is an intercom, which allows the person who want entry to communicate with security personnel who can grant or deny access. This can facilitate deliveries, maintenance and other services, without having to hand out the code.

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