Experienced Automatic Gate Vehicle Control Equipment Installation Service and Repair in Anaheim

Automated gate systems play a huge role in a variety of applications in public, private, commercial and industrial settings. Many of these automated gates purposely stand out as they enhance the aesthetics of homes, blend in like pedestrian barrier gates in a train or bus station or appear to be common place such as entry/exit control systems in any number of different venues. A class of automated gate system that are not typically seen as common place are those used by high security, police and other emergency personnel services. To offer complete service to this specialized industry is a company experienced in automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation service and repair in Anaheim.


Vehicle control equipment used by emergency services are meant to be activated immediately as needed either to prevent vehicles from entering a restricted area in times of emergency or during scheduled hours. With these priority requirements, it is important to employ a company that is fully experienced in all aspects of automatic gate systems.

No matter what type of vehicle control equipment is to be installed, a highly trained team of installation technicians will ensure it is installed correctly and efficiently.  Whether installing a Bollard system of automatic pillars which can be raised or lowered in seconds, a DSC 501 Barricade which offers the highest level of barricade protection or a high security hydraulic beam barrier, these installers are current on all of the newest automatic gate technologies. Portable automated crash rated barricades and barriers are also available for temporary public events or mobile emergency use.

Having certified installers concrete cutter, electricians, communication techs, security consultants as well as staff specializing in access control devices, will ensure fluid continuity in the installation service.

For design, sales, installation, preventative maintenance or repairs, contact the company experienced in automatic gate vehicle control equipment installation service and repair in Anaheim; call us today at Automated Gate Services, (888)428-3711.