Enhance Your Gate With Automatic Gate Hardware and Accessories

Having a gate to protect your home or business not only adds value to your property, it helps to keep you safe and secure. Many property owners have already taken advantage of services such as gate installation. If you already have a gate installed, then you know full well that it does require maintenance and upkeep, although minimal. In addition to our installation services for full gates, we also provide automatic gate hardware and accessories installation service , for all of our present (and new) clients.

There are many different types of hardware and accessories that are available to either upgrade your gate, or to keep it maintained. You can easily add anything from a fire access box, to a reverse loop, to an ID card system that requires anyone entering your property to have an ID card issued by you. As an added benefit, we are able to service and repair all hardware and accessories we stock.

Other types of accessories are more for preventative maintenance. For example, you may need a new loop detector with harness installed on your gate after one goes bad. These aren’t always the easiest types of things to install yourself, so to ensure proper function of your gate, it’s best to have a professional conduct the replacement. Also, photo electric sensors and v-groove wheels are available should yours not be working properly.

To find out about all of the accessories we have for sale, or to find out more about our automatic gate hardware and accessories installation service , call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711 to discuss any and all of your installation needs.