Automatic Gate Access Control Devices

Automatic Gate Access Control Devices There are many kinds of gate access control devices. The type of gate you have will affect the type of automatic gate access control devices  that you should choose for your property. Automated Gate Services commercial customers will find that designs and access control solutions can be completely customized for their unique needs. Access control systems effectively manage and control access points within large properties or restricted areas of commercial facilities.

Keypads are much more secure than conventional lock and key systems and can easily boost security. They can be programmed for each employee and their access monitored via an electronic database. PIN numbers can be adjusted or deleted instantaneously in person or by remote.

Electronic card readers operate much as keypads do, but rather than entering a code, a card is swiped through a reader. They are also digitally automated and can be altered as required. Problems with a single keycard do not adversely affect other operations. It is important to keep keycards secure.

Transponders work quite well for vehicles that enter and exit your property, as they offer the convenience of not having to leave the auto. They can be mounted to a windshield, headlight or license plate or come in a hanging tag for the rearview mirror.

Areas that require elevated security like military, data or government properties usually have unique access control specifications. Our specialists can assist you in finding the appropriate security options that will work for you.

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