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CAME Electric Gates
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If you have been thinking about or have decided to install an automatic gate on your property, or if you wish to have your automatic gate repaired or replaced and you live in the Orange County area, contact Automated Gate Services, Inc for all of your needs—no matter how big or small! Our reputable and professional business offers classic, innovative, and modern designs, taking into consideration your stated goals for your gated project. We not only hear you, we also guide you, and convert your vision and dreams into a beautiful (and secure) reality. We have decades of combined experience in installing, repairing,  and replacing many types of gates, including sliding gates, and installing the world renowned CAME electric gates. We offer amazing customer service, competitive pricing, and efficient, meticulous, and professional installation. We are an experienced industry leader and provide a satisfaction guarantee. If you are considering installing a quality, second-to-none gate on your property, let us install a CAME electric gate in Orange County.

Comfort and automatic go hand in hand with the CAME range of gearmotors used in all types of gates, particularly sliding gates. The impeccable motors provide maximum control and security and allow you to access your gate with reliability and ease.

Wide entrance points, uphill access and otherwise tricky spaces are all instances where CAME electric sliding gates provide amazing and workable solutions.
To learn more about Automated Gate Services, Inc. or to schedule a consultation appointment regarding the installation of CAME electric gates in Orange County, call us today at (888)428-3711. We have a solid reputation for being an industry expert, and hope to serve you in your upcoming commercial or residential project.