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It goes without saying how important property security is today. Regardless of whether your property is your primary residence, a commercial property, a government site, storage facility or even a farm or ranch, you can’t ever be overprotected from trespassers and outsiders, especially if your property sees a number of visitors and guests on a daily basis. You want to keep track of who is coming and going and be able to monitor all activity. Not only does an automatic electric gate help you to boost and improve property security, operating an automatic gate is even easier with technology. Automated gate systems and access control entry systems can now be controlled with a mobile phone or device. To learn more about cell phone gate openers in Temecula, work with an access control specialist at Automated Gate Services today.

By installing an automated access control system, users can monitor and control it via a cell phone and network connection. Users can control everything from assigning and creating unique pass codes for each visitor or guest, household family members, and property personnel. Users can also designate authorized days, times, and date ranges for each pass code. Users can also monitor all gate activity by receiving alerts with a visitor’s photo and information via a text, email or phone call. Users can also access and monitor all gate activity via an activity log stored in the access control system. Users can easily access this data and information via the user-friendly access control dashboard.

So how do these work for residential property owners? Find out everything you need to know about cell phone gate openers in Temecula by calling Automated Gate Services today at (888)428-3711.