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Are you considering ways you can optimize the surveillance for your business or a property that you manage? The pros at Automated Gate Services, Inc. can help you with everything from surveillance system installation and repair of an IP system to upgrading your current coax system to HD.

Our technicians can professionally install and maintain a variety of surveillance system needs, including:

  • IP Surveillance for HOA entry and exit gates, as well as pool areas, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, and even convention centers
  • Installing license plate recognition cameras
  • Specialty lens installation and maintenance
  • Video monitoring from any tablet, laptop, desktop, or mobile device with access to an internet connection
  • Upgrading analog systems to new, higher-resolution HD surveillance.
  • Customizing hard drive size and number of inputs for your security camera footage capture and storage needs.

When installing a new surveillance system, you have two main options: IP and HD over coax. IP systems are ideal if you are having a brand new surveillance system installed because they offer a more extensive variety of camera options and settings. IP cameras often have a higher resolution for recording, and the network video recorder (NVR) used also has more analytics options than DVR recording of surveillance footage. NVRs can have up to 256 ports and a whopping 192TB of storage if needed, but the average tends to be between 4 and 16 ports with 2 to 6 TB of storage space for footage.

Older surveillance systems rely on coax cables to function and can be upgraded to HD surveillance. This upgrade gives properties with pre-existing coax systems access to better cameras and recording options. An HD camera system’s DVR can hold up to 20 TB of storage and survey as many as 16 cameras. This option is more cost-effective for business owners with coax systems than taking out all of the cables and replacing them with a fresh installation.

HD systems can also accommodate HD and standard analog cameras. Standard options, such as night vision and wide dynamic range, are the same as IP systems, but IP has a higher resolution and a more extensive variety of features for customization. Some HD DVRs, also known as a hybrid, can handle standard and HD analog cameras as well as IP cameras all on one unit. This type of DVR increases your camera options to a whopping 32 cameras and 64 TB of storage.

For more information on our IP and HD surveillance system installation and repair services, or to schedule your on-site consultation for your surveillance needs, give our experts a call today at (888) 428-3711.