What You Need to Know About Purchasing a Gate Operator Online

Many Web sites currently advertise professional line automated gate operators for sale. These Web sites may offer a variety of products or services. On many of these Web sites the pricing may seem attractive; however there are several important issues to consider.

Buying Online
When purchasing from the Web, a consumer becomes responsible for the proper and safe design, installation, and operation of the gate system. This often leaves the consumer to locate and contract the installation, usually at a higher total cost than the consumer anticipated, versus, if the equipment and installation were originally purchased from a professional installing dealer. Even the most skilled Do-It-Yourselfers should not attempt to install most gate operators.

It’s About Safety
An automated vehicular gate operator is a powerful system, which requires it to exert great forces on the gate, and the applicable hardware. Many Web sites don’t explain that this also presents potential hazards if the gate system is incorrectly designed or installed. If the automated vehicular gate system is not properly designed, installed, maintained, or used in a manner other than that identified by the manufacturer, serious injury or death could result.

Many Web sites also don’t explain the UL325 and ASTM F2200 safety requirements for automated vehicular gate systems. These safety standards require special attention to the areas on, or near, the moving gate that could potentially cause injury or death. For example, these standards require the use and proper placement of non-contact photo sensors or sensing edges for most installations. Many “non-professional” installers are not familiar with these standards or know how to apply them.
Professional Installation & Support
Automated Gate Services, Inc. provides a complete professional installation, working directly with you to identify and select the proper system and components for your needs. In addition Automated Gate Services can help make sure your installation meets all the local and state safety requirements for the complete system. Automated Gate Services will also offer you maintenance and warranty support to help assure years of trouble-free operation of your automated gate access system.