We Provide the Best Driveway Gates , CA

The fast-paced LA lifestyle demands that you make a good first impression. At Automated Gate Services, Inc. we make sure you look your best when your customers or visitors pull up to your business or residence. With high-tech security features and quality workmanship, our driveway gates will give you the tools you need to impress.

Our Customizable Features

A driveway gate boosts your curb appeal and increase your customers’ or visitors’ confidence in you. It should also give you a sense of safety and security: from our access gate options to the video surveillance options, you can rest assured that you have what it takes to be protected.

We offer customizable options to make finding the perfect driveway gate easy. Our customers can choose the features they want from the following list:

  • Various gate types, including slide, swing, parking and actuator gates
  • Secure entry systems, including telephone entry, card readers, and digital pads
  • Barriers
  • Video surveillances and radio controls
  • Turnstiles

Our 24-Hour Service

We believe in helping our customers through every step of the process, which is why we provide installation, repair service, and replacement parts. We also offer driveway gate repairs to our Los Angeles, CA customers 24 hours a dayÑour technicians are always there when you need them, no matter the time of day or night.

Our Contact Information

Don’t wait to boost your customers’ or guests’ first impression of your business or residence. For driveway gates that will keep you safe and command your visitors’ attention, call us at (888) 428-3711.