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Access Gates

From convenient card entry devices to telephone entry systems, any business owner or homeowner can find an automated gate system that meets their needs.

Automated Entry Gates

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we’re proud to offer great deals on gate installations for any location.

Automated Gate

Automated Gate Services, Inc. offers installations performed by trained and experienced technicians, as well as ongoing support and repair services.

Automated Gate Company

From beautifully stylized personal gates to sturdy industrial gates, our friendly staff can help any customer find what they need.

Automated Gate Opener

To find a great automated gate opener , simply give a call to Automated Gate Services, Inc.

Automated Gate Openers

There’s a reason we have been able to serve the people of Murrieta for so many years. It’s because we offer unparalleled service and unbeatable deals.

Automated Gate Systems

We don’t just install automated gates, we also service and repair gates and gate accessories. In addition, we have a dedicated design team so that each customer can get a gate that looks great on their property.

Automated Gates Cantilever Gates

We have been in business for over 30 years and we know what it takes to keep our customers 100% satisfied. We have the best deals on automated gates cantilever gates and we’re proud to serve the people in our local area.

Automatic Driveway Gates

We offer competitive prices and flexible payment options on our gate installation projects. We believe that every homeowner deserves to feel safe while they are on their property.

Automatic Dual Gate Openers

The easiest way to learn about automatic dual gate openers is to make a quick phone call to Automated Gate Services, Inc.

Automatic Fence Gate Openers

Installing customized automatic fence gate openers doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. By working with an experienced automated gate installation company, Southern California residents can enjoy the benefits of enhanced property security for an affordable price.

Automatic Gate Controls

There’s a reason that so many people in the Southern California area have trusted Automated Gate Services, Inc. to install their automatic gate controls . Simply installing an automated gate system on a property can increase the value of that property while making it the envy of the neighborhood.

Automatic Gate Accessories

Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been providing quality service and great products for automated gate installations since 1980. When it comes to automated gate systems, we’re the experts to call.

Automatic Gate Motors

For over 30 years, we have been providing great deals and unbeatable service on automatic gate motors and throughout Southern California.

Automatic Gate Openers

In Southern California, the best company for the job is Automated Gate Services, Inc. Since 1980, we’ve been giving our customers the best possible deals on automatic gate openers .

Automatic Gate Openers Solar

We offer competitive pricing and flexible payment options of many different types of the latest gate systems.

Automatic Gate Operator

We offer competitive pricing and flexible payment options so that customers with all types of budgets can experience the convenience and luxury of automated gate systems. Give us a call today for a great price on an automatic gate operator .

Automatic Gate System

Automatic gate systems are a popular choice for enhancing the security of homes, apartment complexes and business buildings in the Murrieta area.

Automatic Opening Gates

For homeowners, business owners and apartment complex managers in the Murrieta area who are wondering about the best time to install an automated gate system on their property, that time is now. It’s now easier than ever to get a great price and exceptional service on automatic opening gates .

Automatic Slide Gate Openers

There are lots of great properties in the Murrieta area that business owners and homeowners could improve with a professionally installed automated gate system. An automated gate system can enhance the security and appearance of almost any type of location.

Automatic Sliding Gate

When homeowners and business owners in the Murrieta area go shopping around for the best deal on a professionally installed automated gate system, they might be unsure of which company to hire for the job.

Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

When homeowners in the Murrieta area are shopping around for a new automated gate system, they want to be sure that they are getting a good deal. It’s true that automated gate systems are an affordable and economical way to improve the security and the appearance of nearly any type of property but some gate companies offer better deals than others.

Automatic Swing Gate

Automated gate systems are very popular with both homeowners and business owners in the Murrieta area. No matter why a property owner may want to have one of these high-tech gate systems installed on their home or business location, it’s important to hire a trusted and experienced professional gate installation company.

Automatic Swing Gate Openers

When homeowners and business owners in the Murrieta area want to enhance the security and privacy of their property, they can turn to an automated gate installation. Not only do these high-tech gate systems enhance the security of any property, they can also make a property increase in value and visual appeal.

Barrier Arm Operators

It’s easier than it might seem to find the best deals on barrier arm operators . Of course, there’s more to finding a great deal on a professionally installed automated gate system than getting a quote for the lowest price.

Barrier Gate

Automated gate systems are becoming increasingly popular in the Murrieta area because of their ability to improve the appearance as well as the security of any type of property location. Finding a great deal on these gate systems is essential for getting a great return on the initial installation investment.

Barrier Gate Arms

We offer great deals and service on a wide range of high quality gate components, including barrier gate arms .

Barrier Gate Openers

No matter what our customers are looking for, we can make it a reality. We have the best prices and service on many gate products, including our barrier gate openers .

Barrier Gate Operator

We have the ability to provide unbeatable deals on any type of barrier gate operator . It only takes a few moments over the phone to begin designing the perfect customized gate system.

Barrier Gate Operators

We have the decades of experience and quality products necessary to handle any type of gate project. We even have great deals on all types of barrier gate operators . Just give us a call today to find out more about our great services.

Barrier Gate Systems

With just one quick phone call, we can help any type of property owner pick out the best gate system for their needs and budget.

Barrier Gates

Automated Gate Services, Inc. can provide great deals on the installation of all types of barrier gates . Just give us a quick phone call today to find out more information about our wide range of great deals on all types of automated gate systems.

Best Gate Openers

The gate leading to your home or business plays an important and vital role. However, if you are not using the best gate openers you may discover that your gate system is not as efficient as it could be. This is where our professional services come in.

Best Automatic Gate Openers

The easiest way to learn about the best automatic gate openers is to make a quick phone call to Automated Gate Services, Inc.

Best Swing Gate Operators

We have significant experience installing swing gates in commercial, government, industrial, housing association and residential developments.

CAME Electric Gates

With just one quick phone call, we can help any type of property owner pick out the best gate system for their needs and budget.

CAME Gate Openers

We are known throughout California as an industry expert and leader, and hope to serve you with all of your gate installation, repair or replacement needs.

Came Gate Operators

The mission at Automated Gate Services is to provide customers with personalized security and access control solutions and to deliver high quality products and service.

CAME Swing Gate Operators

Whether you are looking for an automated gate for a single-family residence, apartment complex or commercial property, an automatic gate might be the answer to boost your security, curb appeal, and the overall prestige of your property.

Cell phone gate operators

At Automated Gate Services, we work with each individual homeowner, property owner, and business owner to ensure that they receive outstanding service for each installation and service call.

Commercial Electric Gates

Automated Gate Services Inc.’s reputation is built on its commitment to honesty, workmanship, and professionalism.

Commercial Gate Systems

At Automated Gate Services, we take pride in our expertise, knowledge, and the outcome of every commercial gate system.

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