About Automated Gate Services, Inc.

Automated Gate Services and the San Diego Airport Project
Our team at Automated Gate Services recently had the pleasure of taking part in a security gate system for the San Diego Airport. It is always exciting when we have the honor to become actively involved in such outstanding security projects, and this one was memorable for sure.

Tower Park at Beverly Hills
A beautiful project located in Beverly Hills California features an impressive set of bi-parting slide gates. To accommodate these spectacular gates Automated Gate Services, Inc. has installed Doorking 9555 5-Hp slide gate operators which allow the massive gates to operate at 4Õ per second with ease. Take a moment to view this project as it nears completion.

Take a look at our latest stacking gate configuration
A stacking gate is used when your vehicle sliding gate does not have enough space available to allow the gate to roll back into an open position. Check out our video of a recently completed project featuring a CSL24V High-Cylce Commercial Slide Gate Operator to get a better look at a stacking gate configuration.