The Advantages of Automated Gate Access Control Devices

There are a number of attractive reasons for wanting or requiring an automated gate system on a commercial or residential property. Least of which is the personal or corporate security factor. Having the knowledge that a business and/or home is equipped with a first line of defense with a controlled point of entry provides the owners, (and insurance company) with the peace of mind that makes everyone sleep better. Other reasons may include the safety of young children or pets, the ease of access, only for those with entry privileges of course, as well as the aesthetically pleasing appearance. The design of these gates is virtually limited to the property owners imagination. Last but not least is the obvious increase in property value. Understanding the advantages of automated gate access control devices may just be the catalyst to have a system installed.

Automated Gate Access Control Devices

The alternative to an automated gate may include having to get out of a vehicle to unlocks, swing open the gate, re-enter the vehicle, drive through and do kit all again in reverse; unless of course, one of the following available optional automated gate access control devices is employed. These options may include;

  • Key card entry
  • Key pad entry
  • In vehicle transmitter
  • Cell phone activated system
  • A vehicle triggered ground system

A CCTV and intercom system can be utilized for those wishing to operate an automated gate from within a secured area remotely.

A certified automated gate service will be fully trained in the installation and service of all available access control devices on the market. This as well would limit the property owners options to the imagination and the capabilities of technology.

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