Automated Gate Services International Airport Security Installation

Automated Gate Services International Airport Security Installation

Crash-rated vehicle wedge barrier security installation

Our team at Automated Gate Services was selected to provide a perimeter security solution for a large international airport. It is always exciting when we have the opportunity to become actively involved in providing the right solution for our customers and this project helped ensure critical areas of the facility could not be breached.

The scope of work was built for a two-phase installation. Phase 1 of this project included the remodel and expansion of the Airport Operations Area (AOA) and updating vehicle access control. Our team provided:

  • The in-ground installation of a Shallow Mount vehicle barrier designed to contain a high-speed vehicle attempting unauthorized entry to the facility. The Barrier we chose is designed to stop vehicles weighing up 15,000 pounds and travelling at up to 50 MPH. The barrier remains raised requiring vehicles to stop and receive permission to enter the facility. When authorized the barrier is lowered into the ground to allow safe entry.
  • As a second level of security our team installed a unique Perimeter Security Gate, which features a design that is trackless. What this does is help eliminate vehicle height restrictions and comes with a bi-folding mechanism to reduce the footprint of the swing gate by 50%. These gates are fast to open and close in 7 seconds, so you also have the ability to boost traffic flow. Because some projects require changes during the installation process, we have a Project Manager on site to handle all layout considerations and any on-site design revisions.

Phase 2 of this project included another pair of wedges along with four additional Folding Gate Systems.

When it comes to high-security gate installations and barrier control systems, we have you covered at Automated Gate Services. If you have any questions or you would like a consultation to obtain a quote for services, give our team a call today at (888) 428-3711.

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