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Security Gate and Access Control Installation

Whether you are a facility manager, property manager, contractor, or homeowner, Automated Gate Services (AGS) can handle all your security gate installation and access system needs with a superior customer experience. Since 1980 we have fabricated and installed automatic gates, identified gate automation hardware and software to customize each installation and helped each client feel safe with our automatic gate systems. Our industry leading safety rating is proof that our team is highly trained and motivated to ensure your gate system is safe and efficient.  We strictly adhere to OSHA standards at each workplace, and we specialize in providing installations of gate motors, access controls, crash rated products and much more.  We invite you to call upon our industry experts to provide a free estimate on your next project.

Our project management team is highly skilled and experienced.  We offer over 40 years of experience installing, automating, and maintaining perimeter security.  Our goal is to be your most reliable and trusted partner.

Commercial/Industrial Facilities: Security Gate and Perimeter Solutions

For commercial/industrial facilities we generally look at how these spaces are used and what level of security is expected by the client. For normal risks we may suggest gate options including cantilever, arm/boom barriers and overhead gates. For employee and visitor ingress/egress we have many secure turnstile and ADA options available. For complete perimeter security we can also design a CCTV solutions that will give you a view of your entire property and saved on a hard drive if necessary.

Learn more about our commercial/industrial security installation solutions or contact us to discuss your facility needs today.

High Security Locations

Since our founding we have worked diligently to educate our team and provide them with tools to support all areas of automatic gate and perimeter security solutions. Over the last few years a big part of our growth has been with government, infrastructure and military facilities. Our team can prepare an extensive plan to protect sensitive infrastructure including airports, seaports, hydroelectric plants and dams and high security storage facilities. We are experts at installing high speed security fencing and in-ground vehicular wedges. When a client requires a security solution with multiple layers of protection, they look to AGS for providing that plan.

Gated Communities & Apartment Complexes

Multi-family residences are becoming a bigger part of real estate construction today. High rise apartments and gated single-family residences are a big part of our business. AGS specializes in installing gate and entry systems for all types of multi-family units including apartments, condominiums, and townhomes. Our technicians can provide off-site telephone programming for residents to enter the building and auto recognition for vehicle entry. For HOAs we can help with an overall plan for vehicle entry including security guard houses and barrier arm entry systems. For pools and recreational areas, we can build secure fencing and security gates to help avoid unnecessary accidents. Our team is available 24/7/365 to fabricate, install, automate and service your electric gate solutions.

Parking and Traffic Management

For parking and traffic management AGS can provide many solutions including barrier arm gates, traffic spikes, paid parking access controls, and security gates of all types.  Contact us to find a solution that fits your facility needs.

Residential Driveway Gate Installations

For single family and rural residences, Automated Gate Services will take care of all your gate and entry system needs. Our experienced project managers will fabricate and install an automated gate system that incorporates and complements your property and accommodates your residential lifestyle. Our forte includes custom built electric driveway gates and pedestrian gates.

When you choose AGS our process includes:

  • Over the phone conversation discovery
  • In person consultation
  • Signed proposal or contract
  • Onsite layout of design and location
  • Highly detailed BIM drawings / submittals
  • Efficient and high-quality product security gate and access control installation
  • Commissioning and product training

Automated Gate Services provides the most complete service in the industry, including all aspects of gate and perimeter installation, service, and repair. Give our team a call today at (888) 428-3711 to learn more about our security gate and access control installation services or to schedule your on-site consultation.

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