Wedge Barriers

The Pinnacle of Perimeter Defense

Enhance Your PErimeter Security with Our Wedges

Security challenges in the modern era demand robust solutions. Automated Gate Services (AGS), with over 40 years of expertise, proudly presents wedge barriers – a security revelation that’s taken perimeter defense to new heights. 

Diverse Wedge Barriers for Tailored Security Needs

Recognizing that different facilities and threat levels demand varied solutions, AGS offers an assortment of wedge barriers. Here are the top five, epitomizing innovation, reliability, and unparalleled protection. 

Preferred for their swift response and robust stopping power, these barriers leverage hydraulic mechanisms. They rise within seconds, making them suitable for high-risk facilities requiring instant activation to counter threats. 

Designed for flexibility and mobility, portable wedge barriers cater to temporary setups or locations requiring intermittent high-security measures. 

Electric barriers eliminate the need for buried hydraulic lines or the installation of HPU concrete pads. Furthermore, they offer an eco-friendlier security solution with minimal environmental impact. They are especially apt for locations with frequent activation and deactivation cycles. 

Engineered for locations where deep excavation isn’t possible, these barriers offer top-tier security without the need for significant groundwork. They are often chosen for their minimal footprint and ease of installation. 

Elevate Your Security with AGS Wedge Barriers

In a world where security challenges continuously evolve, ensuring your facility’s protection shouldn’t be an afterthought. With AGS’s top-tier wedge barriers, you get more than just a product; you gain peace of mind. Ready to upgrade your perimeter defense? Reach out to our expert team now. Let’s collaborate, assess your needs, and fortify your establishment with unparalleled security solutions. 

Wedge Barriers: Why They’re Essential for Modern Security

The 21st century has brought about a range of security concerns. From corporate campuses to government installations, the need for formidable protection against vehicular threats is undeniable. Wedge barriers serve as a tangible response to these threats, ensuring areas remain uncompromised and secure. 

Proactive Prevention

In the last decade, vehicular attacks have become an unfortunate reality. Wedge barriers by AGS act as an active preventive measure, instantly stopping unauthorized vehicles in their tracks.

Swift Operation

In high-pressure situations, response time is critical. AGS’s wedge barriers are designed to rise quickly, preventing any unauthorized vehicular movement.

State-of-the-art Engineering

Designed to counter a range of threats, our wedge barriers can withstand high-speed vehicular impacts, reflecting a fusion of expert engineering and sophisticated design.

Diverse Solutions for Varied Needs

Understanding the unique needs of various facilities, AGS provides custom-designed wedge barriers to fit the specific requirements and aesthetics of any environment.

The AGS Assurance: Trust Built on Excellence

AGS doesn’t just offer a product; we offer peace of mind. Our wedge barriers come with the backing of four decades of experience, customer trust, and dedication to excellence. 

Rigorous Testing for Optimal Functionality
Comprehensive Support and Maintenance

High Security Wedge Barriers (FAQs)

Partner with AGS for Comprehensive Wedge Barriers

Discover the multifaceted benefits of incorporating wedge barriers into your space. Connect with AGS, and let our experts guide you in choosing the right wedge solution tailored to your requirements. Schedule a consultation and let’s architect a safer, more organized space.

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