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Ensuring controlled and secure access to commercial structures is more than just a need—it’s a fundamental business responsibility. Automated Gate Services (AGS) champions this cause, having spearheaded the evolution of building access technology since 1980. Our mission? Ensuring that structures, be they corporate offices, residential complexes, or institutional establishments, are safely guarded from unwarranted ingress. 

Comprehensive Building Access Solutions Tailored for Diverse Needs

Each building, whether commercial, residential, or industrial, presents its own set of access challenges. AGS has risen to these challenges time and time again, presenting a curated suite of access control solutions to meet specific requirements. 

Harnessing the uniqueness of individual biometrics, our systems offer an added layer of security. From fingerprint scanners to facial recognition technology, AGS ensures that access is both secure and swift. 

AGS integrates smart card and mobile device authentication, enabling easy, touch-free access while ensuring each entry is logged and monitored.

For larger complexes or multi-site businesses, centralizing control is paramount. Our systems allow administrators to monitor, control, and adjust access across various entry points, all from a single interface. 

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The Critical Role of Advanced Building Access Systems

Recent years have underscored the significance of secure entry protocols. From data breaches facilitated by physical intrusions to the growing importance of restricting access in sensitive areas, the necessity for advanced building access systems is clearer than ever. AGS understands this evolving landscape, dedicating our expertise to devise systems that not only restrict but also intelligently manage access. 

Streamlined Security

The modern access control system does more than just lock and unlock doors. It seamlessly integrates with other building systems, ensures efficient people flow, and provides administrators with invaluable data on building occupancy and movement.

Multi-factor Authentication

Combining the likes of key cards, biometrics, and PIN codes, AGS’s systems provide layered security, drastically minimizing the chances of unauthorized access.

Customized Access Configurations

Understanding that no two facilities are identical, AGS offers tailored access setups. From configuring access levels for different personnel groups to setting up timed access protocols, we ensure a fit-for-purpose solution.

Seamless System Integrations

Our building access systems are designed to smoothly integrate with existing infrastructure, whether it’s security cameras, alarm systems, or employee databases, ensuring holistic security and streamlined operations.

Reliability and Expertise in Access Control

When you opt for AGS, you’re choosing more than a product; you’re investing in a promise of unparalleled safety and reliability. Four decades in the industry has fortified our expertise, and we extend this wealth of knowledge to every project, guaranteeing optimal system performance. 

Ongoing Training & Support
Proactive Maintenance & Upgrades

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Excellence Fueled by Innovation

Positioned at the intersection of decades of expertise and cutting-edge innovation, AGS has been the trusted security partner for over 40 years. As the security landscape has transformed, we’ve remained ahead of the curve, delivering not just products but holistic solutions. From initial idea generation to steadfast post-installation support, our journey with clients is comprehensive and collaborative. 

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