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The Power of Secure Remote Access Control

Navigating the complexities of contemporary security, Automated Gate Services (AGS) harnesses over 40 years of expertise to introduce the future of entrance management – our remote access control solutions. This state-of-the-art offering epitomizes ease of use and security, propelling facility access into the digital age. 

a full spectrum of Remote Access Solutions to Fit Every Need

Understanding the multifaceted needs of modern establishments, AGS curates a variety of remote access control systems. Let’s delve into some of our flagship offerings, each embodying innovation, efficiency, and superior security. 

Harnessing the power of wireless connectivity, these systems allow for remote gate operation from anywhere with internet access. Ideal for businesses or homes where monitoring and controlling entry from a distance is vital. 

For those who value mobility, AGS offers handheld remote access control devices, enabling gate operation from various points within a specified range. 

In today’s mobile-first world, AGS transforms smartphones into secure gate access controllers, merging security with the ubiquitous nature of modern mobile devices. 

For areas where manual code input is desired, AGS offers touchpad remote systems, blending traditional access methods with modern technology. 

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, AGS’s voice-activated systems offer hands-free gate operation, epitomizing convenience. 

Voice Activated Access Control Gates

Take Control from Anywhere: Unlock the Power of AGS Remote Access Control Systems!

Stay in command of your security remotely. Get started with AGS Remote Access Control Systems today and experience a new level of convenience and safety.

Remote Access Control: The Future of Secure Entrances

As we navigate through the digital transformation, the way we approach facility access has evolved. Whether for residential estates, corporate hubs, or expansive industrial complexes, the quest for a seamless yet secure entry is paramount. AGS’s remote access solutions emerge as the contemporary answer, blending convenience with uncompromising security. 

Seamless Access Control with AGS

In our fast-paced world, efficiency and security must coexist seamlessly. AGS’s remote access control solutions provide immediate access decisions, balancing quick entry with the utmost in safety standards.

Remote Operation Mastery

Critical situations necessitate swift reactions. AGS’s remote access control systems are designed for real-time responsiveness, allowing for immediate adjustments to access controls as situations demand.

Extensive Quality Checks for Peak Performance

Every AGS remote access control system is subjected to stringent testing. This guarantees its readiness to function impeccably, even in the most challenging scenarios.

End-to-End Support and Servicing

Our relationship with clients extends far beyond a transaction. From precise installation to regular maintenance, our dedicated team ensures your remote access control systems always operate at their optimal potential.

AGS’s Legacy in Remote Access Control Technology

Steering the industry since 1980, AGS exemplifies dedication to innovation through our cutting-edge remote control access solutions. 

Innovative Technologies
Tailored Solutions for Distinct Requirements

Remote Access Control Systems (FAQs)

Step Up Your Access Control with AGS’s Remote Solutions

In our rapidly changing security landscape, passive measures won’t suffice. AGS’s elite remote access control systems not only enhance your security infrastructure but also instill a sense of absolute assurance. Ready for a security upgrade? Connect with our specialists today. Let’s envision, strategize, and reinforce your premises with unmatched access solutions. 

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