Card Readers

Card Readers

Enhancing Access Control

Premium Card reader solutions

Navigating the intricacies of access control requires state-of-the-art solutions. With over four decades of leading industry advancements, Automated Gate Services (AGS) introduces its range of card readers – a cutting-edge solution shaping the future of secure access control.

A Wide variety of Card Reader Options To Fit Every Requirement

Understanding that one size doesn’t fit all, AGS offers a diverse range of card readers, each epitomizing technological sophistication, reliability, and efficient access control. 

Known for their reliability and ease of use, these readers interact with the magnetic strip on cards. They are perfect for establishments where swift access and straightforward technology are paramount. 

These readers use RFID technology, allowing for touch-free access. Ideal for environments that demand a high level of hygiene or where carrying physical cards isn’t always feasible. 

Costa Mesa Orange County rfid vehicle recognition controller

Harnessing advanced encryption, smart card readers offer enhanced security. They’re versatile, serving both as an access tool and a data storage medium. 

These are the epitome of flexibility, compatible with multiple card technologies. They’re perfect for transitional environments or when upgrading from one technology to another without a complete overhaul. 

Merging card technology with biometrics, these readers offer an additional layer of security. They require both card authentication and a biometric match, ensuring a two-fold security check. 

Upgrade Your Security Today: Premier Access Control with Card Reader Systems

Experience unparalleled security and effortless access control. Request a quote now and secure your establishment with AGS Card Reader Systems.

The AGS Guarantee: Anchored in Trust and Superiority

At AGS, we don’t just provide a device; we extend an assurance. Our card readers represent our unwavering dedication, grounded in 40 years of industry experience, unwavering customer loyalty, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As businesses and infrastructures expand and become more interconnected, the demand for streamlined yet secure access control systems grows. Card readers have emerged as the cornerstone of modern access solutions. By leveraging AGS’s card readers, establishments can ensure efficient entry without compromising on security. 

Thorough Quality Checks for Impeccable Performance

Every card reader from AGS endures stringent quality assessments, ensuring they deliver impeccable performance even in the most challenging environments.

All-Encompassing Support and Service

Our association with clients doesn’t end post-purchase. We stand as a resolute ally, providing comprehensive assistance, from seamless installation to regular maintenance, assuring that your card readers always function.

Enhanced Authentication

Card-based access has been pivotal in ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter designated areas. AGS’s card readers provide a dynamic line of defense, ensuring that only those with the appropriate credentials can gain access.

Flexibility in Access

Emergencies and changing scenarios demand rapid adjustments to access protocols. AGS’s card readers can be reconfigured swiftly, allowing for instantaneous updates to access permissions based on evolving needs.

AGS’s Expertise in Card Reader Systems

Leading the way since 1980, AGS delivers advanced card reader solutions, synthesizing pioneering technology with unparalleled reliability. (H3) Cutting-Edge Engineering 

Crafted to address a diverse set of security requirements, our card readers are the embodiment of meticulous engineering married to elegant design. 

Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs

AGS Card Readers (FAQs)

Enhance Your Entry Protocols with AGS Card Readers

As global security paradigms shift and intensify, prioritizing your facility’s access control is not just wise, but imperative. With AGS’s premier card readers, you receive not merely a device, but a commitment to security. Considering an upgrade in your access control? Engage with our seasoned professionals today. Together, we’ll evaluate your needs and bolster your premises with unmatched access control solutions. 

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