Crash-Rated Barriers

Crash Barriers

Ultimate Defense Against Vehicle Intrusion

Enhance Your Security with crash-rated barriers

In today’s security-conscious era, establishments, critical infrastructures, and high-profile areas require fortified defenses against potential vehicular threats. Since 1980, Automatic Gate Services (AGS) has championed the integration of crash barriers and crash-rated barriers, ensuring a stalwart line of defense against forceful vehicular breaches.

Crash Barrier Solutions FROM AGS

Understanding the diverse needs of establishments and environments, AGS provides a comprehensive range of barrier solutions:

Offering a blend of aesthetics and protection, ideal for pedestrian areas requiring robust security.

University Orange County 1 retractable stainless steel bollards pedestrian safety

Suited for checkpoints and entry points, these barriers provide swift activation against threats.

electric sliding gate barrier arm

Perfect for high-security zones, they offer an unparalleled level of resistance against vehicular breaches.

crash-rated wedge vehicle barricade San Diego

Engineered to offer both security and smooth functionality, ideal for commercial and industrial sites.

Ready to Fortify Your Perimeter?

Step into a realm of uncompromised security with AGS’s advanced crash barrier solutions. Trust in our legacy of protection, and let us pave the path to a fortified future. Schedule a consultation today and bolster your establishment’s defenses.

The Crucial Role of Crash Barriers in Modern Security

As the world faces an uptick in vehicular attacks, crash barriers have emerged as an indispensable tool. These barriers have been instrumental in thwarting numerous threats, reinforcing the perimeter security of various institutions and structures worldwide. 

Optimal Force Resistance

AGS’s crash-rated barriers are engineered to halt even the most forceful vehicular intrusions, providing a steadfast frontline defense against potential threats.

Versatility in Deployment

Crash barriers can be seamlessly integrated into a myriad of environments — from commercial entry points to critical infrastructure sites — without disrupting the aesthetic or functional flow.

Rapid Activation

In emergent situations, the speed of response is pivotal. Our crash barriers are designed for swift activation, ensuring immediate fortification when required.

Long-Term Durability

Built to withstand the test of time, AGS’s crash barriers boast resilience against weather elements, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Why AGS for Your Crash Barrier Needs?

With four decades of security expertise, AGS presents a harmonious blend of technology and trustworthiness. Our approach to crash barrier solutions is holistic — right from assessment, and installation to ongoing support, ensuring our clients always feel safeguarded. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Crash Barriers

Partner with AGS for Unyielding Perimeter Protection

Our reputation is built upon an unwavering commitment to our clients’ security. When you opt for AGS’s crash barrier solutions, you’re investing in peace of mind and unyielding defense. Navigate the landscape of contemporary security with AGS at your side, ensuring every entrance is an impenetrable fortress. 

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