Call Boxes

Call Boxes

Elevating Entrance Communication

Call Box Solutions by Automated Gate Services

For four decades, Automated Gate Services (AGS) has remained at the forefront of enhancing entry-point communication. Our call boxes are the embodiment of this commitment, bridging the gap between robust security and efficient communication, ensuring establishments are both welcoming and impenetrable. 

Call Box Solutions To Meet all of your Requirements

Different premises have different communication needs. Keeping this in mind, AGS offers an array of call box solutions, each designed to suit specific operational requirements and security levels. 

For setups where consistent power and connectivity are paramount, these call boxes come in handy. They offer stable communication lines and are ideal for high-traffic locations like commercial complexes. 

Offering flexibility without compromising on communication quality, wireless call boxes are perfect for locations where wiring could be a challenge. 

Enhancing security with visual confirmation, these call boxes incorporate video capabilities. They allow for more thorough vetting of individuals before granting access. 

Designed for locations housing multiple entities, such as apartment complexes or business centers, these call boxes streamline communication by directing visitors to the appropriate contact. 

Call Boxes

Elevate Security with Automated Gate Services’ Call Box Systems

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Call Box Solutions For Convenience and Security

With the complexities of the modern world, ensuring secure yet fluid entry and exit points is more crucial than ever. Be it residential complexes, corporate hubs, or institutional premises, the ability to effectively communicate with incoming personnel or visitors has become paramount. AGS’s call boxes stand as a gold standard in this regard, offering a blend of convenience and security. 

Direct & Clear Communication

A vital tool in the arsenal of modern security protocols, call boxes enable real-time communication. Whether it’s confirming a visitor’s identity or offering instructions, AGS’s call boxes ensure clarity in every interaction.

Integrated Systems for Smooth Operations

AGS’s call boxes are more than just communication devices. Integrated with the broader gate control mechanisms, they ensure that every communication results in the appropriate action, be it granting access or triggering other security measures.

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Environments

Recognizing the distinct requirements of various premises, AGS provides bespoke call box designs. Whether it’s a commercial complex or a residential estate, we ensure each call box meets the unique aesthetic and functional demands of the space.

Cutting-Edge Design

Engineered to ensure seamless communication, AGS call boxes integrate the latest technology. The result is a blend of reliable functionality with a modern, user-friendly interface.

AGS’s Promise: Reliability Meets Excellence

At AGS, it’s more than just providing a communication device; it’s about instilling confidence. Our call boxes come fortified with the trust cultivated over four decades, reflecting our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. 

Strict Quality Checks
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Call Box Solutions (FAQs)

Enhance Your Communication with AGS Call Boxes

As communication needs evolve in an ever-connected world, ensuring clear and effective entry-point communication remains paramount. With AGS’s unparalleled call box solutions, you don’t just get a device, you get an assurance of quality. Interested in transforming your facility’s communication? Connect with our seasoned team today. Together, we’ll identify your needs and provide you with a communication solution that’s second to none. 

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