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Gate Automation & Access Controls

Automated Gate Services (AGS) works with clients to develop an automated security solution that fits your specific needs. After the design has been agreed upon our team will fabricate and install the system and select the best options for automating it as well as the appropriate access controls. We will select the operator that best matches the weight and configuration of your security gate and provide the option of back-up batteries to protect against a power outage.

Once the gate motor operator is installed to manage opening and closing, there are wide choices for access controls. Some options include fob readers, bluetooth applications stored on user phones, card readers, transmitters and keypads. Once we complete the automation and review the operations with our client you can count on AGS to be there to help 24/7/365.

swing arm gate operator Rowland Heights Los Angeles
Electric swing arm gate operator in Rowland Heights, CA | Los Angeles
vehicle barrier arm gate with bollards Riverside
Vehicle barrier arm entry gate with in-ground bollards in Riverside, CA

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems have evolved. AGS services and installs all types of telephone entry systems and offers a full variety of services from programming, to cellular based connectivity and more. We service and install traditional Doorking systems as well as several app based capable systems. Three of the most common systems include:

  • Traditional telephone entry systems: These traditional POTS based systems require a cellular or landline to communicate from the telephone entry system to the tenant. This establishes a line of communication between the person requesting access allowing the home or business owner to either grant or deny access to the property. This system integrates with various access controls to send a signal to the relay to allow access. These systems work in conjunction with vehicle gates in single family homes, multi-family communities, schools and businesses alike.
  • Smart Device App Based Video Systems: App based entry systems are state of the art as they allow you to establish a line of communication from the gate to your smart device no matter where you are in the world. These systems come equipped with high definition cameras. The camera allows you to hear and see the person requesting access to the point of entry such as Amazon, UPS, or guests. App Based Systems require a wireless or hardwire connection to your router and are cost effective as they do not require a cellular line, or telephone line to work correctly.
  • Intercom systems: Intercom telephone systems are a step up. A panel displays each unit in the property and when pressed, the tenant’s telephone is accessed, and the visitor can communicate directly with the tenant.

Guard Booths

Guard booths are ideal for all locations requiring another security layer and can be combined with bollards, in-ground wedges, barrier arm gates, embedded passcodes for automatic ingress/egress, and other entry access control systems. Depending on the industry, security guard booths are also referred to as guard houses or guard shacks. Whether providing ballistic guard booths at border crossings or military installations or simply giving parking attendants a safe place to process automobile ingress/egress there are many choices available today. They can be customized to fit specific needs or off-the-shelf versions are widely available.

Automatic Gates

We strive to be the best source for consulting and selecting the most effective perimeter security solution for our clients. For residential customers we can provide driveway and pedestrian gate installations. Electric gate choices include single or dual swinging gates, single or bi-fold gates and single or dual sliding gates and barrier arms for multi-family locations. Driveway gate installations are all custom designed to your plans with material choices such as wood, glass, stainless steel, and wrought iron.

For commercial and industrial automatic gates, we have the solution for high security crash-rated gates. Crash-rated cantilever gates is a great solution where space is limited. These can be constructed from aluminum and operated manually or with traditional operators. Crash-rated reinforced slide gates can be installed in difficult locations using steel tubes or bollards filed with cement.

Crash-rated reinforced vertical lift gates are massive structures requiring a heavy load bearing roller chain, counter chains, engineered footings and concrete filled steel bollards.

Given the security issues we all face today a new category has evolved for crash-rated barrier arms. The standards for these security solutions are specified and approved by the Department of Defense and can stop a 15,000-pound vehicle travelling at up to 50 miles per hour. Data centers, power plants, seaports, and military facilities are increasingly adding crash-rated barrier arms to their facilities.

Card Readers

Access control card readers are very robust for automatic gate access. Card readers are relatively safe option because they are individually numbered and programmed and that makes them difficult to be duplicated. Cards can be created with a magnetic stripe or a touch plate and if a card is lost or stolen it can be eliminated from the database immediately.

Proximity Readers

This is a card that can be read without inserting it into a reading device.  This technology allows the user to have a contactless card that can be left in your pocket or purse and as you pass by the reader the card matches the system radio frequency and automatically allows access.

Remote Access

Remote access control is a catch-all phrase for a number of ways to gain access to a residence, commercial or industrial location. Some of the common solutions for remote access security controls include key fobs, keycards, single button remote controller, and key chain remote controller. There are also several options using cloud-based apps that can be loaded onto a smart phone or tablet.

Touchless Technology

Touchless Access technology is commonly implemented using proximity cards that are held two to six inches in front of the card reader. Touchless technology is quickly moving to the cloud and there are several products available today that allow remote access to residential property, commercial and industrial facilities. For multi-family high rises the old intercom has been replaced with a video screen and tenant location database. Visitors can locate the tenant, press call and immediately be connected to the smart phone or tablet. The tenant can see the visitor on their device and safely grant access.

Vehicle RFID

RFID tags have been used in retail businesses for many years. RFID technology for automating security gates requires a transmitter and a receiver. A FOB or a windshield tag is the receiver and a special chip is imbedded into this. For residences the chip may contain the auto license number and homeowner information. For businesses it might include the employee ID, designated parking area and work area. Once the transmitter matches the receiver chip data the gate will automatically open.  RFID is a very secure method of managing automatic gates as well as a convenient remote access control.


Turnstiles are available in a variety of styles. Some options include:

  • Wall Mounted Tripod Turnstile: As it is titled this can be used where there is no option for installing a turnstile in the ground.
  • Waist-High Turnstile: These are commonly found at sporting events, train stations, amusement parks etc. They can be paired with a card reader that can deduct the cost of entrance from a pre-loaded payment card.
  • Optical Turnstiles: This style tends to be more attractive and instead of using an arm to pass through the space, an infrared beam senses an entrance pass for the event and allows the visitor to enter.
  • Drop Arm Optical Turnstile: This style uses two arms that are horizontally inserted into the frame. When a visitor presents their access identity the arms recess into the sides and the visitor is allowed to enter.
  • Full-Height Turnstile: There are two options in this version. They are both around 7’ tall and unlike other turnstiles prevent people from jumping over them. One version allows the turnstile to turn in a single direction and the other version allows for two-way traffic much like the old downtown department stores.
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