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Securing Your Perimeter with Iron Gates

With a rich 40-year legacy, Automated Gate Services (AGS) has emerged as the trusted choice for businesses and industries seeking iron gates. Crafted with precision and designed for resilience, our gates reflect our dedication to ensuring robust security for every commercial and industrial establishment. 

Tailored Iron Gate Solutions for Every Need

Different sites have different security requirements. AGS offers a diverse range of iron gates to meet the varied needs of commercial and industrial locations. 

These gates are especially suited for areas with wide entrances or limited space on the sides. Utilizing a set of rollers, the gate slides to one side, providing efficient access without consuming much space. 

ornamental iron automatic electric gate Los Angeles

Using a central pivot mechanism, these gates lift from the center, offering a space-saving solution without the need for tracks or overhead fixtures. 

These gates, composed of two panels, fold back onto themselves. This design allows for rapid access and exit, especially in constrained areas. 

bi folding decorative wrought iron electric gate

Distinguished by their smooth operation, these gates slide horizontally but do so without any rollers touching the ground. This design reduces wear and tear and ensures a longer lifespan, even in dirt-prone or snowy areas. 

Cantilevered Custom Iron Gates

Elevate Your Property’s Aesthetic and Security!

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Why Iron Gates are a Top Choice for Protection

Businesses and government facilities alike are recognizing the unmatched safety offered by iron gates. AGS ensures these gates not only serve a protective purpose but are built to last. 

Durability in Design

Iron stands out for its strength and longevity, making it an ideal choice for security gates. AGS’s iron gates are built to withstand tampering, forceful impacts, and adverse weather conditions. This ensures businesses have a dependable security barrier in place throughout the year.

Integration with Modern Security Systems

Today’s security challenges often require combining physical barriers with advanced technology. AGS’s iron gates are designed for seamless integration with current security setups, from surveillance cameras to access control systems, ensuring a comprehensive protective framework.

Uncompromised Quality for Maximum Security

Each iron gate from AGS undergoes rigorous quality checks. Our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures that our gates not only meet but often exceed industry standards, offering unparalleled protection against potential threats.

Dedicated Support from Start to Finish

Our dedication to our clients doesn’t end once an iron gate is installed. We’re here for the long haul, providing comprehensive support at every stage. From installation expertise to regular maintenance, our team ensures your AGS iron gates continue to safeguard your premises effectively.

AGS’s Legacy in Iron Gate Solutions

Since 1980, AGS has been at the forefront of the security gate industry. Our iron gates reflect our deep commitment to quality and safety. At AGS, we pride ourselves on delivering more than just gates; we offer unparalleled security confidence. Rooted in a 40-year legacy, we’ve become a beacon of trust and commitment, ensuring that every iron gate we craft stands as a symbol of strength and durability. 

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Strengthen Your Perimeter with AGS Iron Gates

In an unpredictable security environment, your first line of defense is paramount. With AGS’s expertly crafted iron gates, you’re investing in more than metal; you’re securing peace of mind. Ready to bolster your facility’s protection? Connect with our seasoned team today. Together, we’ll evaluate your needs and provide an ironclad solution that suits your requirements.

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