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Security Gate & Access Control Installation, Repairs & Services

Automated Gate Services is recognized in Southern California as the leader in automation, access controls, design, fabrication, installation, and repair of commercial, industrial, and residential perimeter security solutions. AGS was founded in 1980 when gate automation was a specialty niche with only a few individuals knowing how to install and service electric gate equipment. From its beginning, AGS has operated the business with a focus on integrity, professionalism, and hard work. We know success is earned, not given.

There is a clear and defined underlying theme of respecting our customers and providing consistent communication to make certain we are providing exceptional service. While other security and gate companies may claim they listen to their customers, at AGS every team member is trained to communicate proactively and to look at every project to make certain we leave the customer with complete perimeter security solution for their property.

For over 40 years, AGS has endeavored to train and educate our technicians to work safe, provide exceptional service and participate in ongoing training and educational opportunities. In addition to security gate design, construction, installation, service and repair the company has expanded into a broad range of perimeter security products.

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Customized Entry Gate Installation, Automation & Access Control

Our clients lean on AGS for our response time, experience and attention to detail. Our approach to every custom gate entrance is to provide full support to include but not limited to, design, fabrication, installation, automation, on site management, materials, and timeline for completing the security gate or any perimeter security need. All work will be self-performed by our in-house fabricators and installed by certified AGS technicians. We would cherish the opportunity to provide you more in-depth detail about our installations, automation & access control services.

Gate Repair and Planned Maintenance Services

Electric security gates are exposed to outside elements and sometimes will experience service interruptions. AGS technicians are available 24/7/365 to help ensure our clients automated gate and access controls are operating properly in order to secure your property to keep your business or home safe. Request repair services by contacting us online or calling us at (888) 428-3711.

Keep your security system running by signing up AGS’ planned maintenance program (PMP). Our technicians will come to you on a prearranged schedule to maintenance and inspect your entire system. If needed, we will make proactive repairs which otherwise would lead to catastrophic failures and downtime. A PMP can be customized to fit your specific security gate and priorities. Learn more about our planned maintenance options.

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