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Transforming Your Entrance with Nature’s Finest

Elevate Your Space with AGS’ Wooden Gates

For 40 years, Automated Gate Services (AGS) has stood as the premier choice for businesses and industries in search of wooden gates. Crafted from the finest woods and designed with an eye for detail, our gates embody our dedication to blending natural aesthetics with sturdy security for every commercial and industrial space. 

Custom Wooden Gate Offerings for Diverse Requirements

Every location has unique aesthetic and security needs. AGS is primed to deliver an array of wooden gate styles to meet the multifaceted demands of both commercial and industrial sites. 

Classic and reliable, these gates consist of a single wooden panel that swings open. Offering simplicity in design, they’re ideal for settings that require easy and quick access. 

Comprising two wooden panels, these gates open from the middle, providing a wider entrance. Their symmetrical appearance adds an elegant touch to the security setup. 

grain cedar contemporary electric auto gate

Optimized for places with limited side spaces, these gates move horizontally, parallel to the fence or wall. They combine efficiency with a streamlined appearance, making them a top choice for various commercial sites. 

Long Beach Los Angeles 3 commercial sliding security gate

These gates rise vertically, typically supported by counterweights or a mechanical system. They’re especially useful for areas where swinging or sliding isn’t feasible due to spatial constraints. 

Operating in a concertina style, these gates fold back onto themselves. Their segmented design ensures quick operation and is especially effective for wider entrances where swift access is crucial. 

dual sided wooden clad pedestrian gate side panels

Experience the Beauty of Nature Combined with Exceptional Security!

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The Allure and Security of Wooden Gates

Businesses across the spectrum are gravitating towards the natural beauty and reliability of wooden gates. At AGS, we ensure these gates not only elevate the visual appeal of your premises but also offer steadfast protection. 

Natural Beauty Meets Durability

Wood, with its inherent charm and character, offers a timeless appeal. Our wooden gates are treated and designed to combat the elements, resisting decay and damage, ensuring a reliable security solution that also complements the environment.

Versatility in Design & Function

In today’s evolving security landscape, it’s essential for gates to work seamlessly with modern security systems. AGS’s wooden gates are primed for integration with current security technologies, from cameras to sophisticated access systems, making for a well-rounded defense strategy.

Craftsmanship at Its Best

Every AGS wooden gate is the culmination of detailed craftsmanship paired with modern design. This ensures that they not only offer a natural aesthetic but also pose a formidable barrier against unwarranted access.

Designs for Diverse Needs

Each location presents its own set of challenges and aesthetic requirements. AGS is primed to craft wooden gates that cater specifically to the nuances of your site, ensuring functionality and visual appeal are in perfect harmony.

The AGS Commitment: Blending Nature with Security

At AGS, it’s not just about offering gates; it’s about instilling a sense of unshakeable security enveloped in nature’s elegance. With 40 years in the industry, our name has become synonymous with trust, dedication, and unmatched craftsmanship. 

Quality that Speaks for Itself
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Elevate Your Security with AGS Wooden Gates

When safety is a concern, and aesthetics can’t be compromised, AGS’s masterfully crafted wooden gates come into play. Ready to intertwine nature with top-tier security? Engage with our experienced team today. Together, we’ll identify your needs and carve out a wooden gate solution that perfectly aligns with them. 

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