Municipal Gas & Electric Facility


Gas & Electric Solar Facility


Perimeter Security


San Diego County, CA


Fabricating a high security fencing system to protect a solar farm providing electricity to 21,800 homes and a system that is capable of withstanding flash flooding in a remote location.


Fabricate a high security fence that can prevent unauthorized entry was the easy part. Finding a solution for the fence to remain stable in a remote location that is also an alluvial flood plain was a challenge. Our solution was to build a 10’ high perimeter fencing system with 24” automated lower panels that would be raised during rainstorms and allow debris to pass through. The bottom 24” of each fence panel was fitted horizontally with hinges. We chose an Apollo linear actuator operator which is entirely sealed, weatherproof and impervious to sand, dirt and debris. 33 fence panels were fabricated, and water sensors were installed at strategic locations close to the desert surface. Finally, we selected a programmable logic controller (PLC) from Controlled Products. The PLC was programmed to open the hinged fencing as soon as the water sensors alerted it of rain and simultaneously send a message to off-site monitors, alerting officials that the gates are open.


Not long after the entire fencing system was installed and activated, monsoonal rains came down delivering 12” of rain that passed through the hinged fencing with all 33 panels raised. The system worked perfectly and performed precisely to the client’s expectations.

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