Municipal Service Center Expansion


Municipal Service Center


High Security Gate Entry


Ventura County, CA


Provide multiple ingress/egress options for a large Southern California city.


Install state of the art motors, safety controls and automation to prevent unauthorized entry.


AGS provided commercial security installation to protect a key community infrastructure facility.

Municipal Service Centers are the heart and soul of Southern California cities. They house:

  • City maintenance administration:  Prepare documents for the repair of city infrastructure.
  • Fleet and Facilities:  Provide preventive maintenance for the city’s 200 vehicles and 400 pieces of equipment, clean fuel fueling stations and other alternative fuels needs.
  • Landscape:  Provide landscape maintenance for medians and parkways, irrigation installation and maintenance and graffiti remediation.
  • Streets:  Maintain roadways, street signs sidewalks, curbs, gutters and storm drains.
  • Wastewater:  Provide safe and reliable wastewater collection. This facility manages wastewater for over 500 miles.
  • Water:  Provide for the operation and maintenance of the city’s water storage and distribution system including 16 reservoir storage facilities, 15 pump stations and two groundwater wells.

As this city has grown it needed a major expansion to continue providing these necessary services. Automated Gate Services designed a security solution including multiple sliding gates, vehicle safety loops, HID Proximity Readers, Gooseneck Stands to support outside intercom stations and Miller Safety Edges. We also provided heavy duty gate operators and the necessary accessories to automate the entire system.

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