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  • Dwelling Live

    Dwelling Live


    Manage all your community systems, anytime, anywhere.

    Most Advanced Visitor Management and Access Control Solutions

    Automated Gate Services is a Certified Dealer of dwellingLIVE

    dwellingLIVE is a fully unified web-based platform that allows you to mix-n-match the perfect community technology solution. Choose what you need, when you need, because all dwellingLIVE modules integrate!

    • Credentialed Access
    • Visitor Management
    • Telephone Entry Systems
    • License Plate Recognition
    • Community Websites
    • Mobile Patrol
    • Front Desk Concierge

    If you have any questions or would like to contact a sales representative please call Steve Johnson (888) 428-3711

  • Century City Condos

    Century City Condos

    Century City is the condominium development everyone is talking about. This building is unprecedented luxury, even by Los Angeles standards. To secure this extraordinary building Automated Gate Services installed a Doorking 1601 barrier gate operator located at the guard station with a 3-button control station. Beyond the barrier gate follows a set of bi-parting swing gates powered by Elite CSW-200 1-Hp Swing Gate Operators with customized uphill arms.

    Project: Century City Condos
    Location: Avenue of the Stars Los Angeles, Ca
    Project status: Completed
    Scope of work: Installed (2) CSW-200 1 Hp Swing Gate Operators with uphill arms, vehicle safety devices, gear box heaters, Doorking 1601 Barrier Gate Operator and 3-Button Control Station






  • IDFlex Product Support & Transition

    IDFlex Product Support & Transition

    sirit-1The Sirit IDFlex RFID reader systems have been a long time flagship of Sirit’s automatic vehicle identification product line however several of the RFID reader’s main components are no longer made by their original manufacturers and are becoming scarce in the component sourcing market. As a result Sirit will be discontinuing the IDFlex reader product line by the end of 2012. Sirit will continue to support the IDFlex reader products that are under warranty and, while component supplies last, we will do our best to support out of warranty product installed and deployed in the field. It is important to note that Sirit will continue to offer and support IDFlex transponders into the foreseeable future.

    Sirit has prepared a transition plan for moving from the IDFlex to the new flagship RFID reader platform, the ID4100. We have developed a model of ID4100, the ID4100-FLEX, that will replace the IDFlex reader platform and will offer increased benefits and functionality. This new reader is FCC Part 90 licensed, like the IDFlex, and will support all existing IDFLEX-TAG4 and IDFLEX-TAG4BOR windshield mount transponders however it will not support existing IDFLEX-TAG4LP license plate mount transponders. Those transponders will need to be replaced with a transponder that is compatible with the new reader platform.
    Benefits of Upgrading from IDFlex to ID4100

    • Lower cost to upgrade – No need to replace all existing transponders.
    • Future Product Support – The ID4100 platform will be available and supported well into the future.
    • Save on Future Costs – Access to more economical transponder formats.
    • New Tag Formats – Access to many exciting transponder form factors.
    • Connectivity Options – ID4100 can be connected to a local or wide area network (LAN, WAN), Internet.
    • Future Enhancements – Software upgrade/update support can be done in the field without the reader needing to be returned to the factory.
    • Unique Application Support – Custom Software Available
    • Performance – Equal or better RF performance at the same regulatory parameters (FCC Part 90)

    To learn more please download Sirit’s official product support bulletin.