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  • Ensure Your Gate and Entry System Works When Needed With Preventative Maintenance In Irvine

    Ensure Your Gate and Entry System Works When Needed With Preventative Maintenance In Irvine

    Ensure Your Gate and Entry System Works When Needed With Preventative Maintenance In Irvine

    Your perimeter is only as secure as the automatic gate that you have in place. Even with the best and latest gate installation available today, you still need to have periodic gate or entry system preventative maintenance in Irvine performed to ensure integrity and functionality.

    Are you looking for a team that can help you make sure that your automatic gate system is always up for the task? If so, then we have you covered at Automated Gate Services. We are a team of highly-trained and experienced technicians with a passion for the job. We also boast many years of experience in the field, so you can count on us for new installations, equipment upgrades, repairs, replacements, and of course, preventative maintenance.

    Regardless of the type of property you have, such as a:

    • guardhouse
    • residential complex
    • gated community
    • worksite
    • restricted area
    • commercial space with a gate system
    • any other property with a gate

    You need to keep regular maintenance in mind. When you have your gate system checked at regularly scheduled intervals, you are cutting back on the off chance that there might be some sort of an emergency situation with a faulty access control device.

    Calling In Skilled Technicians

    You can count on our highly trained technicians who will get right to work to ensure that your gate maintenance never leaves you with extended downtime. We also offer:

    • Convenient, priority scheduling
    • Replacement of worn or damaged parts
    • Full testing of all of your access control equipment
    • High-quality parts and accessories
    • Standard, up-front pricing and solid guarantees

    No matter what your current needs may be, we can set up preventative maintenance based on your schedule. We can come out monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually to ensure your gate and all components are working smoothly and that everything is secure.

    You will have gate technicians in your corner able to make the ownership and operation of your gate system easier than ever. We are a team made up of industry insiders with years of experience, ready to get the job done If you can think of any concerns or questions about the services and the maintenance plans that we offer, we invite you to give our offices a call so that a member of our team can go over all of the details.

    Do you need gate or entry system preventative maintenance in Irvine? Call Automated Gate Services at (888) 428-3711 to schedule an appointment. We can send out technicians at your earliest convenience or set up regular maintenance on a schedule that works for you. If you have questions or you are looking for replacement parts, our team will be happy to handle whatever you need.

  • Is It Time To Service Your Gate Or Entry System In Irvine?

    Is It Time To Service Your Gate Or Entry System In Irvine?

    Is It Time To Service Your Gate Or Entry System In Irvine?

    To ensure your gated entry, barrier system, or access control unit is working correctly, you need to maintain it regularly. If you need gate system service in Irvine, we have you covered at Automated Gate Services, Inc.

    Reliable Results

    Even if you have staff that can handle repair or maintenance from time to time, there is nothing like having confidence while knowing that you have gate experts working on your system. We can set you up for maintenance on your schedule, where we come out to take a look at your gate and entry system to ensure everything is working properly.

    Experience Counts

    When it comes to something as crucial as repairing your gate system on your commercial property, at the entry to your business, or your gated community, you never want to leave anything to chance. We have field-trained technicians with plenty of experience while working with a variety of designs and brands to ensure nothing goes overlooked.

    Genuine Parts

    We use high-quality parts for all of the maintenance and repair services that we provide. Not only do we carry a full selection of parts so that we always have them in stock, but we can also order them for installation to facilitate your repair in a timely fashion.

    On-Time and Professional

    It is imperative to us that you always have technicians on-the-job that are not only friendly and courteous but also knowledgeable and helpful. We will arrive within the allotted timeframe, and we work meticulously to ensure you have the repair or maintenance that you requested. We are available to address any questions or concerns that you may have about your perimeter security needs, including helpful advice on replacements or upgrades.

    Service Range

    We take pride in offering a wide variety of services spanning multiple industries to address all gate and perimeter security services. Whether you have a guardhouse in need of gate control upgrades or you run a gated community, and you are looking to have your entry system serviced, we can help. We are available to work on gate systems for the following:

    • Hospitals, clinics, and laboratories
    • Apartment complexes, senior living communities, and gated communities
    • Production facilities and distribution warehouses
    • Trucking companies, tow yards, and garages
    • Military bases, government facilities, first responder buildings, and prisons
    • College campuses, private and public schools, and libraries
    • And more!

    Service to your gate system is critical if you want to ensure proper function and longevity. With our Automated Gate Services, Inc. trained technicians on your corner; you will have peace of mind while knowing that your perimeter security is in excellent hands.

    When you need to find gate system service in Irvine for your entry system, barrier gates, and other components, Automated Gate Services, Inc. can help. Call (888) 428-3711 for an appointment.

  • For Custom Automatic Gates, Look To Us For Professional Installation In Moreno Valley

    For Custom Automatic Gates, Look To Us For Professional Installation In Moreno Valley

    For Custom Automatic Gates, Look To Us For Professional Installation In Moreno Valley

    There is undoubtedly a growing need for security nationwide, which means that you need to have your perimeter in check. When it comes to gate installation, barrier gates, and entry systems, this is never anything that you want to leave up to chance. It is elemental that you have a team on your side with a passion for the work and an eye for detail. Automated Gate Services, Inc. is always proud to offer our current and future customers nothing but the best when it comes to gate installation in Moreno Valley and the surrounding areas.

    Our team works with a broad range of customers, supplying the latest technology in the gate industry today. We collaborate with business owners, property managers, and contractors to facilitate the need for gated entry systems, access control, surveillance, and much more. We are happy to put together a customized design that is tailored to your precise needs so that you have all the peace of mind in the world that your building and property are secure.

    Once you talk with our project management team, we can get a plan in action for the installation of your new gate system. Our professional crew arrives on time and ready to get the job done quickly and efficiently so that we can get everything wrapped up within the projected timeframe. We understand that downtime is not an option at your place of business, industrial site, community property, or government facility, so we have problem solvers on our team ready to handle any potential obstacles that come our way.


    For something as substantial as your investment into monitoring access to your property, you need to be sure that your gate system is guaranteed. We offer excellent warranties on all of our products. Additionally, every project that we take on is guaranteed for your peace of mind. this includes labor warranties and potential malfunctions of any parts moving forward.

    Professional Staff

    Diversity is vital within any business, which is why we have curated a friendly staff of highly-trained technicians to cover every aspect of the automatic gate and security field. We have concrete cutting technicians and specialists trained to handle electrical work, wrought iron installations, and lock and key work. If there is something required for your installation project, we either have the specialist on-staff, or we look to our trusted network of local technicians to get the job done right the first time.

    We are the team that you need to turn your security problems into security solutions!

    When you are looking for automatic gates, look to Automated Gate Services for high-quality design and automated gate installation in Moreno Valley. Call (888) 428-3711 today!