5 Reasons Why Your Property Needs a Telephone Entry System

5 Reasons Why Your Property Needs a Telephone Entry System

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Is your commercial building always getting guests at your front gate who need to request access to your property? If so, setting up a guard booth in this area and keeping it manned with a security guard might be a good option.

But if you’d like to automate this process, you’ll also have the option to install a telephone entry system near your front gate. Telephone entry systems are excellent choices for those commercial buildings that get their fair share of foot traffic. You’ll be able to find out who is at your front gate and decide whether or not to let them in within just seconds when you have a telephone entry system.

From a traditional Doorking system to a more advanced video entry system, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to telephone entry systems. Here are five reasons why you should pick one out and install it today.

1. Lets You Choose From Several Types of Telephone Entry Systems

Once upon a time, telephone entry systems were on the simpler side. The only real options were very basic, bare-bones telephone entry systems.

But in 2023, there are a handful of different types of telephone entry systems for you to choose from for your commercial building. You can, for example, install a traditional telephone entry system that’ll rely on either a landline or cellular connection. It’ll allow guests to talk to you from your front gate with ease.

If you’d like to step your telephone entry system up a notch, you’re also welcome to go with an app-based video entry system. A system like this will have high-definition cameras that’ll let you see and talk to someone at your front gate. This will set up your commercial building with an extra layer of security by keeping all eyes on your front gate.

There is even an intercom system you can have installed if you have multiple tenants in your commercial building that’ll all need to speak with guests at your front gate. It’ll provide a panel for visitors who will be able to use it to figure out which tenant they would like to touch base with through your intercom system.

You’ll appreciate having the choice to select whichever type of telephone entry system you would like to go with in the end.

2. Makes It Easy to Communicate With Guests of Your Building

If you don’t have any kind of telephone entry system installed near your commercial building’s front gate right now, communicating with guests is likely a lot more challenging than it should be. In some cases, you might even have to send someone from inside the building all the way out to the gate to communicate with visitors.

This won’t be the case anymore when you have a telephone entry system put in place. You’ll be able to speak with guests and see what they need from inside your building in a matter of just a few moments. It’ll make this process so much more seamless and save you a ton of time overall.

3.Telephone Entry Systems Keep Unwanted Guests Out

Physical security incidents have been on the rise within U.S. commercial buildings over the last few years. They increased by almost 30% between 2021 and 2022.

With this in mind, you should do everything in your power to stop unwanted guests from getting into your building. It could prevent a physical security incident from taking place.

By installing a telephone entry system, you’ll be able to keep closer tabs on who is coming into your building during business hours. You can keep out anyone who you believe could potentially present a threat and possibly cause trouble.

4. Helps You Avoid Having to Hire Employees to Secure Your Building

As we alluded to earlier, you could look into the possibility of hiring a security guard to stand watch near the front gate of your commercial building if you want to. But this will, of course, come at a cost.

The average salary for an unarmed security guard these days is right around $36,000. That’ll be a steep price to pay to hire someone who will essentially be doing the same job that a telephone entry system could.

And there is a chance you might have to hire several security guards to provide your commercial building’s front gate with round-the-clock monitoring. It’ll be so much more cost-effective to install a telephone entry system.

5. Provides You and Others in Your Building With Peace of Mind

When you’re in your commercial building, you’re typically going to be hard at work. The last thing you need to be worried about is what’s going on at your front gate. A telephone entry system will provide you with peace of mind since you won’t have to be concerned about this anymore.

If you choose to install a video entry system, you’ll be able to get even more peace of mind than usual. You’ll have the option to monitor who is at your front gate at all times right from any smart device. Just open up the app for this system and you’ll get the chance to look at what’s happening near your front gate from just about anywhere in the world.

You can even give guests access to your commercial building right from your smartphone or another device when you have a video entry system. It’s just one more reason to look into possibly having a telephone entry system installed.

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