In order to get the most out a brand new automated gate, it’s important to use the right kind of automated gate opener. Of course, automated gates enhance the privacy and security of a home or business, but they are most effective when they are controlled with the right gate opener. The best way to get a good deal on the best automated gate opener is to work with the best automated gate installation company in Southern California. Fortunately, help is only a phone call away. Automated Gate Services, Inc. is proud to have served the people of Southern California for over 30 years. Our expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction is second-to-none.

Automated Gate Opener

When we install automated gates for customers, we first speak directly to each customer to determine the best way to meet their needs. We install automated gates for homeowners and business owners alike. We know that each customer has unique needs so our design team works one-on-one with customers to determine the right kind of gate model for each location. Our installation technicians have worked on many different kinds of gate installations throughout Southern California so they have hands-on experience with any kind of situation.

We offer a full line of automated gate openers and access control devices. Our gate operators can power any kind of gate model, from small swing gates at private residences to large, overhead sliding gates for industrial applications. No matter what situation a customer has, we have the products to fit the bill.

For example, our card entry access control devices are very popular for their convenience and security. These devices can have a gate sliding or swinging open with the simple swipe of a special keycard. Since the gate can only be controlled by approved cards, these devices provide enhanced security and privacy.

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