To get a job done properly, you need the right tools. When that job is operating an automated gate, an automated gate opener is the tool that’s needed! These high-tech gates are controlled by powerful motors that can be activated by access control devices. Working together, these tools allow people to enjoy the enhanced security and privacy that an automated gate can bring. To find an automated gate opener in Orange County, make a call to Automated Gate Services, Inc. We’ve been in business in Southern California since 1980 and we have a full line of automated gate opener options to meet any need.

Automated Gate Opener in Orange County

For example, we offer commercial gate operators with many different options. These durable machines pack the horsepower needed to get gates open quickly as soon as they are activated by an access control device. The openers also include Photo Eyes, which are special sensors that increase safety by detecting objects in the path of the gate. If a car or person is in the pate of the gate, the opener won’t allow the gate to move until the object is out of harm’s way.

Some of our openers also have a backup battery power option. This really comes in handy when power outages affect Southern California. With the battery backup, automated gates can remain fully operational so the gate owners don’t have to be locked out of their home, business or garage. For those who are trying to go green, we have gate openers that can run on solar power if they are hooked up to solar panels. Now gates that improve security and privacy can be extra efficient as well!

Automated gates provide a lot of benefits but they’re only truly effective when they are paired with the appropriate automated gate opener. It’s much easier to find the right gate opener with the help of the professional installation and design experts at Automated Gate Services, Inc. We have staff waiting to answer customer calls and we’re committed to complete customer satisfaction! To find out the great deals we have on an automated gate opener in Orange County, give us a call today at (888)428-3711.