Automated gates provide many different benefits, from enhanced security to aesthetic improvements, but an automated gate opener is necessary to get all of these benefits. Automated gate openers control automated gates in a variety of ways. Depending on the different options, gate openers can improve security and privacy in different ways. Making a call to Automated Gate Services, Inc. is the best way to find a great deal on an automated gate opener . We have over 30 years of experience in Southern California and we carry a full line of gate openers and accessories so we can design a fully customized gate solution for each customer.

Automated Gate Opener

Some of our most popular gate openers include combinations of gate operators and access control devices. A gate operator is the motor that provides the power to open the gate when the user wishes to enter their home or business. These compact but powerful motors generate enough horsepower to slide or swing open any kind of gate. Our models feature Photo Eyes which are powerful sensors that act as a safety measure. If the Photo Eyes detect any objects in the path of the gate, the gate operator will not function in order to prevent injury.

Access control devices are the brains behind the muscle of the gate operators. These devices allow users to activate the gate when they wish to enter or exit their home or business. We offer models that increase security by adding an authentication step. For example, two of our models include an authentication step in the form of either a special keycard or a numerical code. When the authentication is cleared, the gate will activate, allowing the owner or their guests in. Some of our access control devices feature an intercom, allowing the owner to give the access code to authorized guests. Security and privacy have never been so convenient!

To find a great deal on an automated gate opener in Ranch Cucamonga, call Automated Gate Services, Inc. at (888)428-3711.