Some of the most successful businesses have installed automated gates. These types of gates are also very popular at private residences and homes in the local area. These gates are so popular because they enhance the privacy of a home or business while also improving its aesthetic appeal. The key to installing a beautiful, fully functional automated gate is to hire an experienced gate installation company. Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been installing and servicing automated gate openers since 1980.

Automated Gate Openers

We have the experience and training to give our customers what they want. We know that our customers expect only the best equipment when they hire us to install their brand new automated gate. This is why we use only the highest quality equipment in our gate installations. This includes our automated gate openers. An automated gate opener is a key component in any gate installation we perform. This important piece of hardware is critical for ensuring years of reliable service from an automated gate.

The gate openers we install and service combine a powerful gate controller that is operated by an access control device. The controller is the engine of the automated gate. It provides the raw horsepower that is necessary to smoothly open and close the gate each time it is activated. The access control device gives the command to open the gate.

The access control device is the main point of security for an automated gate. Whether it is a keypad controlled device or a telephone entry system, our access control devices provide the ultimate in security and privacy. Only the authorized owners of the gate and their guests can activate the access control device.

Enhance your security and privacy today with automated gate openers from Automated Gate Services, Inc. Call us today to learn more at (888)428-3711.