Automated gates are becoming increasingly popular . There are many reasons for this emerging trend. These gates are the best choice for increasing the security, privacy and value of a property. Whether it’s a private residence in a gated neighborhood or an upscale business location on a busy downtown street, installing an automated gate is the ideal way to ensure the privacy and safety of a location. Automated Gate Services, Inc. has been installing, repairing and servicing automated gates throughout Southern California since 1980. This experience makes us the best choice for people who are shopping for automated gates cantilever gates .

Automated Gates Cantilever Gates

We offer a wide variety of gate styles and accessory products so that every one of our customers can get what they need. If a small, local business needs an access gate for their parking lot, we have the products, staff and experience to make it happen! If a major corporation is looking for a cantilever gate to control traffic access to their parking complex, we can take care of it! No matter what our customers needs, we can’t wait to start working on it so that they can enjoy their brand new automated gate.

After we finish installing an automated gate system, we remain committed to serving our customers. We have a radio dispatch service standing by in case repairs need to be made. We’re proud to provide a 24/7 emergency repair service just in case. We also have friendly, knowledgeable staff standing by to answer phone calls and emails if our customers have any questions about their new products.

Here at Automated Gate Services, Inc., we’re happy to help our customers every step of the way when they want to install an automated gate. To learn more about automated gates cantilever gates , give us a call today at (888)428-3711.