Many people like the idea of automatic driveway gates in Orange County but they may be unsure of where to start. After all, there are dozens of different gate models, control devices and operating motors. Many people may wonder “Which gate is right for me?”

Automatic Driveway Gates in Orange County

Fortunately, Automated Gate Services, Inc. is here to provide answers to all of those questions. We have over 30 years of experience in the Southern California area and we’re the leading experts for installing, repairing and maintaining automated gates. If any potential customers have questions, we have friendly and knowledgeable staff standing by to answer phone calls and emails.

We also have expert design technicians who can personally explain different gate options. These technicians have worked on dozens of gate installation projects throughout Southern California and their expertise is second to none. They are more than happy to sit down with customers and explain the benefits of different gate products and accessories.

For example, a homeowner in a residential neighborhood can choose from an ornate double swinging gate for a classic appearance or a sleek, minimalist sliding gate for a modern look. These are both great options but our design team can help customers decide which style is most appropriate for their location.

We also install and service a wide range of gate control devices. From keypad entry systems to solar powered gate operators, we have something for any gate project. Our products are backed up by our friendly technicians who put their expertise to work every day.

Find out why we’re the best company to hire for automatic driveway gates in Orange County. Give Automated Gate Services, Inc. a call today at (888)428-3711.