Automatic Dual Gate Openers The process of designing, installing and servicing automatic dual gate openers is doubly as important as it would be in situations where there is only one gate. Not only must both gates function and meet the needs of the business or homeowner, but they must do so fluidly with one another. That’s why, at Automated Gate Services, Inc., we take the time to ensure that all dual gate openers are spot on with one another and always meet the needs of our clients.

While there are plenty of other gate installation companies in Southern California, many of them fail to understand the importance of ensuring the quality of dual gate systems. It is more than simply installing two different gates; it’s about a fully functional dual gate system that operates seamlessly. Because of this lack of understanding, other companies often install gates that don’t open exactly at the same pace or even have various hardware pieces between the two gates.

At Automated Gate Services, Inc. we believe that our company is only as good as the quality of our automated gates and the way in which they are installed. Our trained installation team has extensive experience in installing and servicing dual gate systems, ensuring that all gates we touch operate to their fullest and just as though they were one entry system. Any time we are called to an installation or repair we utilize quality access control devices and assess the entire gate system for potential problems, damage or additional repairs.

If you are in need of automatic dual gate openers , there is only one number to dial, (888) 438-3711. Our gate specialists are standing by to help design, install and service your next dual gates so that they function to a T.

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