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Finding a great deal on an automated gate system is important to Orange County property owners who are looking for enhanced property security. Of course, finding a great deal means much more than getting a low price. The best deal around will come from a company that guarantees its work and uses high-quality gate components on all of their jobs. This might sound like too much to ask for but Automated Gate Services, Inc. offers all of this and more on every gate installation project that we undertake. We can provide great prices and superior workmanship for barrier arm operators in Orange County. All of our gate components and parts are high quality so that our customers can enjoy years of reliable service from their brand new gates.

Barrier style gates are very popular with many different property owners. For example, these gates work well in parking garages and parking lots because they can be raised and lowered very quickly, allowing speedy and convenient access to authorized drivers. They can even be used in apartment complexes to give residents an extra measure of security. No matter where our customers want these gates installed, we have the tools and the technicians to handle the job. Our barrier arm operators have the raw horsepower and rugged design to deliver years of reliable and consistent operation with minimal maintenance. If any one of our products every experiences a malfunction, our 24/7 emergency repair service can have a trained repair technician on the scene right away to correct the problem.

We’ve been working hard for our customers for well over 30 years. For great deal on our barrier arm operators in Orange County, call Automated Gate Services, Inc. at (888)428-3711.