Commercial Electric Gate Installation Service & Repair Near Murrieta

commercial gate installation service & repair near Murrieta

Commercial electric gates come in many shapes, sizes, and varieties. They can help serve many different purposes, from privacy to security, and even controlling vehicle and pedestrian traffic. If you are considering commercial electric gate installation, service and repair near Murrieta, having an idea of what you need before you approach an installation company will help them pair you with the right gate in less time.

Utility: Wants Versus Needs

What is the intended purpose of your electric gate? Create a list of “needs” and “wants”. For example, it may be absolutely necessary that your gate access controls can sync with mobile devices to grant entry and exit, while it may be preferred, but not necessary, to install a surveillance system that also is accessible via a mobile device for monitoring. The more detailed you are in your list of what is required, and what is optional or flexible, the better an installation company will be able to give you advice on how they can make your wish list happen. This also will help them to provide alternatives to help meet you halfway when each desired component does not align perfectly with what they can provide you.

Budget Considerations

Budget considerations go beyond the initial cost of installation. On-going maintenance and electric bills should also be included when you total the cost of installing, operating, and maintaining the electric gate. One thing that is often overlooked for commercial applications is the cost of any access control devices. Employees are often responsible for their own access control devices, such as remote controls or keycards. Compare the cost of replacing a remote with a keycard for each specific set up to get a better idea of what your annual cost might be for replacing any devices.

Physical Space Limitations

It is not uncommon to imagine installing a particular gate a certain way, only to find out the space you need to install the gate will not support this vision. Electric gates nearly always require quite a bit more space than the actual opening requires. Different gate styles open and close at different speeds, and this could certainly have an effect on your daily business operations. For example, a sliding gate versus a swing gate versus an overhead gate – fully understanding how each gate operates and how you intend to use it will play a role in deciding the best fit for your application.

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