What Business Owners Look for in Remote Gate Installation Service & Repair

Our team specializes in a number of different automated gate applications. Our clients include maximum security locations, university campuses, gated communities, and everything in between. When business and property owners contact us for remote gate installation service & repair , while they might each have different goals, they usually have the same key features in mind.


Remote gates are far more convenient than manual gates. Business owners appreciate the efficiencies they can provide, including hassle-free entry and exit without ever needing to step out of a vehicle. Remote gates also allow for the independent coming and going of staff and vendors – they often eliminate the need for a staffed entry.


Remote gates provide additional security to properties and businesses in several aspects. The strong, physical barrier they provide bars entry and serves as a perimeter. In addition, remote gates control who can enter and leave the gate through various access control devices, in this case a remote device that can be assigned to individual employees or controlled by management. When paired with additional security and monitoring tools, the gate can provide robust data related to the gate, including who is given access and when.


Gated entries offer an opportunity to set first impressions. Despite their mass, remote gates operate smoothly and can be designed to suit any aesthetic. Brand your remote gate with your business logo, or use it to improve the entry to your property with an elegant ironwork design.

No matter your intended application, a remote gate installation offers several benefits. Automated Gates Services, Inc., has years of experience and will always go above and beyond to make your remote gate installation service & repair simple and effective, call us at (888) 428-3711 to learn more.