Put to Good Use a Commercial Electric Gate for Your Property

commercial electric gate installation, service and repair in Pomona

Perhaps one of the most important features of a secure, commercial property, is having an electric gate that supplies you with several useful functions. Electric gates have come a long way since only providing the function of a gate. They now are designed to be beautiful complements to your property, provide helpful data if you are set up to track who is entering and leaving your property, and act as an additional level of security with the capability of granting access to authorized personnel only through the use of keycards or digital codes. If your business is curious about commercial electric gate installation, service and repair in Pomona, Automated Gate Services, Inc. has a team of professionals that can help you not only select the right type of gate, but also provide you with installation and maintenance services.

When deciding on the best electric gate for your property, you will have the option of choosing between a few basic styles of electric gate. A cantilevered gate slides out, and gives entry to up to 120 feet if a double gate is installed. A swing gate will swing either in or out, depending on your preferences. Swing gates are smaller, and extend to roughly 48 feet, which is still large enough for a car, but may not suffice for a place that has large industrial machinery. Another option is a vertical lift gate, which lifts up and down instead of swinging in or out. These are a great way to add vehicles access to your property, but are not always the best choice for high-traffic establishments (such as a parking garage) as they require very regular maintenance. A pedestrian gate restricts pedestrian traffic, allowing individual access through restricted or non-restricted areas. No matter which gate best fits your needs, you can always add accessories and customizations for entry access, work with our installation team on the style and design, and we will always assist you in learning the ins and outs of your new system.

Here at Automated Gate, we can help you choose which type of gate is best for you based on your preferences and logistics. Call Automated Gate Services, Inc. today at (888)428-3711 to find out more information on commercial electric gate installation, services and repair in Pomona or to request a quote.