Barrier Gate Installation, Service and Repair

There are no small details when it comes to the planning and building of any commercial or residential property. Choosing the right company and equipment to ensure the project is completed correctly is imperative. This includes everything, right down to the barrier gate installation, service repair for the parking garage on the lower level of the development.
m6 (3)Like most projects, everything in a building development should fit together like a puzzle with on piece fitting snuggly into another. Like the footings of a foundation will determine the width and length of a wall, the size of entrance to a parking garage will determine the length and size of barrier gate required; from a short wooden arm to an extra long aluminum or an extra strong stainless steel car stopper.

In consultation with an experienced automated gate service the specific function of an automated barrier gate can be determined. With this information the correct barrier gate system can be selected.

A complete automated gate service will have installation experts on staff to handle every aspect of installation. This will include the gate operator or method of operation; be it solar powered or electric, the control devices such as vehicle activated, remote, card swipe or keypad. CCTV, programmable time stamp or vehicle count can also be taken care of during installation.

Keeping current on all of the latest state of the art automated gate systems, service technicians will be prepared to update a system with the latest technologies anytime during regular maintenance. Field trained and experienced repair techs will be prepared to diagnose and fix any concern with a system, on the first call out.

For more information on selecting the correct barrier gate installation, service and repair for your development project, call the company with expert service experience; call Automated Gate Systems today at (888)428-3711.