The Importance of Safety Compliance When Hiring an Automated Gate Installation Service & Repair Company Near Anaheim

automated gate installation service & repair company near Anaheim

Automated Gate Services, Inc., is prepared to take care of your automated gate installation service & repair company near Anaheim. It is our goal to not only keep up with new developments, but to be aware of advances made in the past and the reasons for them.

Automated gates and doors are not new technology, and the designs and features are always advancing. At minimum, however, your automated gate should have certain safety features and your gate should be tested to ensure it is functioning within these requirements. In 1992, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission revised entrapment requirements for all automated gates and doors sold after 1993. One of the requirements in that ruling states that automated doors and gates should have at least one means of prevention. One of these means is a sensing edge that will reverse the gate in the event it comes in contact with an object.

Another commonly used device is an electric eye sensor that detects anything in the gates path, causing it to halt the closing process until the object has cleared. A third possible measure is the constant contact button, which keeps the gate from fully closing unless the button is pressed, and to stop and return to its fully opened position if the button is no longer being pushed. This regulation is part of the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Standard for Safety UL 325.

Doors and gates can be inspected and a sticker issued for those that are compliant as part of a regular service visit. Maintaining record of maintenance and service visits and UL 325 compliance is advantageous if you wish to sell or purchase property that includes an existing automated gate or door.

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