Go Green: Turn to Solar Power for Your Automated Gate Installation

Go Green: Turn to Solar Power for Your Automated Gate InstallationCalifornia is a leader in green technologies in the US. As reported in a July 2016 article by the LA Times, solar energy generation in California has grown 1,378% in the past five years, and in the last year total residential megawatts of solar increased 65% across the state from the previous year alone. The same report also states the index’s top region for commercial and residential solar power is Riverside-San-Bernardino-Ontario, very close to home for many of us. At Automated Gate Services, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technologies and advancements, and that includes solar powered automated gate installation service & repair in Murietta. Partner with us for your solar powered gated entry and access control needs.

For residences or businesses in California that are looking to lower their electric bill while simultaneously making a difference in the environment, our solar powered automatic gate options can offer an affordable and reliable solution. With years of experience handling a variety of both solar and electric gate configurations, our expert technicians will be able to explain the best product for your needs and will be able to inform you about pros and cons of each power set up. Solar powered options continue to improve year after year. Turning to solar powered options for your automated gate provides the same level of security and dependability as an electric-powered gate, and can also help reduce your impact on the environment while saving you money on your energy bill at the same time. We encourage our customers to also educate themselves about the potential tax incentives that come with certain eligible solar energy system purchases and installations.

Join the thousands of others in California who have already implemented green, solar energy. Contact us today to learn more about solar powered automated gate installation service & repair in Murietta by dialing (888)428-3711. Let us show you how we’ve become Southern California’s leader in gated entry and access control services.