Automated Electric Gate Installation Service & Repair Company Near Irvine

automated electric gate installation service & repair near Irvine

Automatic gates have long been associated with industrial use, but they are also used for homes, housing complexes and schools. Automated Gate Services has been trusted for automated electric gate installation service & repair near Irvine for more than thirty-five years.

Gates that are operated using automatic equipment save time, money, and personnel resources. With that said, if you have installed, purchase property with an automatic gate, or plan to install an automatic gate, there are some things that you should know about all automatic gates.

  • They are heavy. Many of them are made of iron, or of sturdy wood.
  • They should have fail-safe, “no trap” precautions installed. These include such things as electronic sensors that cause the gate to stop when something unusual is in its path.
  • Gates are susceptible to depredations from weather, insects, and simple wear over time.

To avoid complications with your gate, there are steps that you can take to ensure its longevity. We will be glad to help with these.

  • Have your gate professionally installed. While some gates are advertised as being possible for a home DIY person to do on their own, professionals have teams that put in , driveway gates, turnstiles and similar installations. We know the standards, and adhere to them.
  • Keep it clean. That might seem like an odd statement about something that is likely to be exposed to weather. However, outside elements including insects, dust, rain, sun and snow can take a toll on the operating parts of your mechanical gate.
  • Set up a regular maintenance schedule. Having a professional check your gate at specified intervals can help keep it in its best operating order, and ensure its safety.

Finally, educate everyone who will be using the gate or who might be near it to respect its size and its limitations. Call Automated Gate Services at (888)428-3711 if you would like to learn more about automated electric gate installation service & repair near Irvine.