Best Automatic Gate Access Control Devices for High Security Properties

automatic gate access control devices near Perris

Gate access control devices come in a broad variety, and range in their complexity. The use for which your gate is intended will affect the type of automatic gate access control devices near Perris that you should select for your property. Our commercial customers will find that our designs and access control solutions can be totally customized for their unique needs. Access control systems are important for the effective management and control of access points within large campuses or restricted areas of corporate facilities. Though there are many options to choose from, today we’ll discuss keypads, electronic card readers, and transponders.


Is it surprising how many high security properties still use traditional key and lock systems. Eliminating traditional key and lock systems from high security properties is a good way to boost security measures. Removing keys from the scenario reduce the chances of theft of keys, duplication of keys, and the risk of a lost key being found by someone who should not have access. Worse, once a key is lost, the lock is compromised and must be replaced, in turn causing all other keys to also be replaced. In comparison, keypads, while simple in design, are actually quite robust, and will eliminate many of the downfalls to physical key and lock systems. Keypads can be programmed to give each member of your staff their own unique PIN, which can be tracked and monitored in an electronic database. This allows you to keep record of who has been entering and leaving access points, and when. Additionally, PIN numbers can be changed or deleted remotely, and instantaneously, revoking access at a moment’s notice if necessary.

Electronic Card Readers

Electronic card readers offer many of the same benefits of keypads. They differ in that instead of entering a code on a keypad, a card must be swiped at a reader. Electronic card readers are also digitally programmed and so can be altered remotely, and if one keycard is compromised it does not require the replacement of all other keycards or readers. Electronic card readers can also keep a digital record of who is coming and going. We caution our high security customers, however, that just like a key can be lost, so can an electronic card, so train your staff on the best ways to keep their keycards secure, as well as the proper policy to follow if they should lose one.


Transponders are a great option for vehicle entry and exit, since they allow a driver to be given access through a gate without needing to step out of the vehicle. Transponders come in a variety of types – including ones that can be mounted to a license plate or windshield, or hanging tags for rearview mirrors. Certain transponders, such as the Sirit Identity IDHMT headlight mount transponder, even come with break on removal (BOR) security.

High security properties, such as government or military or data centers, among others, often have their own specific access control regulations that must be met. Make sure you understand what is required for your individual property and allow us to help guide you through your options.

Our team is able to manage each of the above-mentioned devices and more. To work with California’s leading company for automatic gate access control devices near Perris, call Automated Gate Services at (888)428-3711. Whether you are running a high security campus or simply need traffic control, we can handle your project from inception to completion.