Powerful Barrier Gate Installation Service & Repair 

barrier gate installation service & repair 

As gated entry and access control specialists, we work on a myriad of projects for both residential and commercial customers. While the majority of our projects focus on pedestrian or vehicle traffic control, or simple perimeter barriers, clients operating high security properties often have special requirements. When a customer is in need of powerful barrier gate installation service & repair , we might recommend a product with some serious stopping power, such as the DSC501 High-Security Barricade.

Not your average barrier gate, the DSC501 High-Security Barricade would be great for properties such as government buildings or banks that might be in need of additional defenses, perhaps from such assaults as vehicle attacks. In test situations, the DSC501 withstood the impact of a 65,000-pound dump truck and remained standing. This means that in a combat situation the barricade would still be standing and viable should it need to repel a second attack. Not only did the DSC501 withstand the impact, its foundations were minimally disturbed. Equally important, this barricade gate is set up with regulation safety precautions to help prevent malfunctions, and is easy to operate. While it is sobering to think that there are scenarios where such a powerful barricade might be needed, having a tool such as this to depend on can make a great difference for the safety and security of buildings and properties.

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