Is a Solar Powered Automated Gate the Right Fit for Your Application?

solar powered automated gate installation service & repair

Many of our residential customers are curious about solar powered gates. They have become more popular and more accessible in recent years, and seem to be a good fit for the sunny California weather. We can easily manage your solar powered automated gate installation service & repair , however, you should first determine whether a solar powered automated gate is the best option for your application.

Consider the following pros and cons of a solar powered gate:

Solar power will cost more to install upfront, but has a lower cost of operation.

It is up to you whether the lower cost of operation will outweigh the additional expense of opting for a solar powered gate. The cost of powering your gate will not be included on the monthly power bill to your local utility company, but they are usually more expensive for the out-the-door purchase price.

While solar power has a lower cost of operation, you will need to maintain its component parts.

As opposed to your local power company maintaining power to your gate, you will need to take on the cost of maintaining, and replacing when necessary, the photovoltaic (PV) panels which generate electricity. Depending on the size of your gate and the solar panels, this can be costly, although it is worth noting that solar powered options are more affordable than they were even just a few years ago, and are becoming more affordable all the time.

Solar power has less of an impact of the environment, but requires consistent exposure to sunlight.

Green energy is something we should all stand behind. Reducing your carbon footprint and utilizing the freely given energy from sunlight helps both your pocket book and the planet. Solar power can operate a variety of gate applications, but, of course, you will need to have access to sunlight. The typical recommendation is eight hours of sunlight each day, but consult with one of our installation technicians about your specific application for a more accurate estimation. Depending on how many times the gate will be opened and closed each day, you may be able to get away with slightly less sunlight and still have an operational gate.

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