Incorporating Automation Into Your Security Guard Booth

Incorporating Automation Into Your Security Guard Booth

Incorporating Automation Into Your Security Guard Booth

When you think of a security guard booth, you likely think of a booth manned by a security guard speaking to everyone passing through and verifying credentials. While, yes, this is certainly a component of a security guard booth, it doesn’t have to be the only component.

You can automate your security guard booth, giving it increased functionality and lessening the need for a security guard’s physical presence. Interested in learning more about security guard booth automation? If so, then read on.

Here’s everything you need to know.

Choose Your Entry Access Control System

There are many different types of entry access control systems, each of which offers its own level of automation. Some of the most prominent systems include the following:

Telephone Entry Systems

Telephone entry systems require the driver to speak with someone over the phone before gaining entry. When the driver arrives at the booth, a call will go out to the person managing the booth. They’ll then be able to speak with this person before access is either granted or denied.

While these systems can be beneficial, they’re typically only used for residential purposes. This is because they require a great deal of human activity. If you used them on a commercial property, you would have to assign an individual to speak with every single person who arrives at the gate.

Key Card/FOB Systems

The next type of system we’ll discuss is the key card/FOB system. This is an access control system that requires the driver to swipe a keycard or FOB device up against a digital reader. If the FOB or keycard is activated, it will provide the user with entry; if it’s not activated, the gate won’t open.

These systems are beneficial in that they take away most of the need for human effort. The only human who has to put any effort forth is the driver. Even then, the amount of effort required is minimal.

These are also beneficial in that they can be remotely programmed. If you wanted to, for example, remove someone’s access after firing them, you could simply deactivate their FOB or keycard.

The potential issue with these systems is that should someone misplace or lose their keycard, it could fall into someone else’s hands. This can cause security issues.

RFID Vehicle Systems

If you’re looking to provide access to specifically designated vehicles without any human involvement whatsoever, you should go with an RFID vehicle system.

This is a system wherein designated vehicles are equipped with a tag. This tag is detected by a reader in the security guard booth, thus triggering the gate to open.

When used for residential purposes, the tag includes information like the driver’s home address and driver’s license number. When used for commercial purposes, it includes information like employee ID number, parking area, and work area.

These systems are highly beneficial in that they allow you to enter and delete new vehicles from the system as needed. This way, if someone is fired, for example, you can instantly and remotely take away their access to the premises.

Technologies You Can Incorporate Into Your Access Control System

The systems discussed above describes just the base features. The truth of the matter is that there are other technologies you can incorporate into access control systems. These include:


In some cases, it can be beneficial to see who’s waiting at your security guard booth. This way, you can better identify who the individual is, and make a more informed decision about letting them in.

Fortunately, you can do this with the help of a video camera. A video camera can be incorporated into your access system, allowing you to see who exactly you’re speaking with.

Tenant Locators

If your booth will be in a residential community, you can equip your access system with a tenant locator screen. This enables guests to search for specific guests, and thus speak to them directly before entering. This cuts out the middleman, saving you money.


Intercom is another option you can utilize when setting up your guard booth access control system. This allows visitors at the gate to speak with an actual human being without having to dial a phone number.

You can either have the intercom lead to a single person, or you can provide the visitor with the ability to speak with a specific individual through the intercom. For the latter, you could simply use a screen to help them locate and call the individual they’re looking for.

Barrier Arm Gates

Barrier arm gates are integral to keeping unwanted vehicles off a property. These arms only lift when a designated individual or passcode enables them to.

It’s easy to incorporate gate automation into a security booth access system. This way, when someone swipes their keycard or has a vehicle adorned with a designated tag, the gate will open automatically.

This almost entirely removes the need for a human security presence. With the help of a barrier arm gate, the access and denial process can be almost completely automated.

Looking for Security Guard Booth Automation in Southern California

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